Live webinar

Maximising value through early-stage carbon optioneering

Wednesday, August 14 2024 – 10 AM (BST)

Guests & host

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Max Gibbens

Senior Environmental Consultant, Chapmanbdsp

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Holly Wheeler

Senior Environmental Consultant, Chapmanbdsp

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Matt Tucker

Senior Environmental Consultant, Chapmanbdsp

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Samuel Boswell

LCA Consultant, One Click LCA

The construction industry plays a pivotal role in tackling the climate emergency by understanding and addressing the embodied carbon within their projects and developments. 

To ensure that developments are undertaken with embodied carbon considerations from the very start, industry standards and policies are adapting to highlight the importance of early-stage carbon optioneering in building design. 

Join this webinar, hosted by One Click LCA, to hear from carbon specialists at building services design consultancy, Chapmanbdsp, as they share:

  • The work that Chapmanbdsp is doing with their clients to highlight and address embodied carbon impacts.
  • Why it’s so important for early-stage carbon analysis to be included in design projects
  • The rising interest in early-stage carbon optioneering in industry standards and planning policy, i.e. RICS 2nd edition and CoL PAN.
  • The current obstacles to conducting early-stage carbon optioneering, including the lack of available design information prior to the production of a cost plan, and hesitancy from consultants to provide high-level numbers at the risk of overpromising to clients.
  • The solution - utilising One Click LCA Carbon Designer 3D to create the foundations of a model, and building on this with additional structural, façade, architectural, and MEP information to create accurate early-stage models.
  • Real-life case studies showing the value this provides, relating to cost, carbon and time. 

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Anyone with a role or interest in decarbonising the built environment.

  • Sustainable construction professionals wanting to learn more about climate change policies, regulations and systematic changes related to carbon footprint reduction.

  • Anyone looking to learn more about early-stage carbon optioneering.