Biodiversity tool

Consider biodiversity impacts & meet your sustainability goals

Leverage One Click LCA's Biodiversity Tools for AEC project teams measure and report on biodiversity

Biodiversity supply chain stress tool

A simple way to measure & report biodiversity impacts within construction supply chains

Ultimate supply chain optimisation based on environmental stressors within the categories of climate change, pollution, and resource use.

With the One Click LCA Biodiversity supply chain stress tool, there is no requirement for upfront primary data collection, as the impacts are based on life-cycle assessment. Easily screen your supply chain to get full transparency, and quickly access results responsive to positive design changes such as reducing transport distances or reusing materials. Reduce the biodiversity impact of your supply chain quickly, and directly.

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Identify supply chain hotspots

Screen your supply chain for hotspots & understand their impact

Align with biodiversity policies and voluntary disclosure frameworks

Policies across the world are coming into force to measure and report contributions to biodiversity loss. The One Click LCA Biodiversity supply chain stress tool enables developers to align to early stages of voluntary disclosure frameworks like the first two steps of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) LEAP approach.

  • Locate your interface with nature
    • Screen your supply chain to identify hotspots.

  • Evaluate your dependencies and impacts on nature
    • Understand your initial impact with an intuitive ecosystem condition metric.
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Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) tool

Hit your 10% Biodiversity Net Gain goal

Whether your biodiversity impact reporting is regulatory or voluntary, One Click LCA’s Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) tool streamlines the entire process.

We have partnered with UKHab Ltd to use the UK Habitat Classification System to ensure that you can achieve compliance aligned to the statutory biodiversity metric.

By measuring habitats (a categorisation of a physical area based on characteristics such as climate, and plant species) before and after a development, the Biodiversity Net Gain tool calculates the change in relative ‘value.’

Using multipliers to highlight positive actions and recommendations relating to materials and practices, users are enabled to make better decisions relating to retention of existing habitats and creation of new ones.

Analyse & screen early-stage options

Quickly calculate different scenarios for site selection & early design choices

By simplifying appropriate actions in the tool, you gain a holistic view of the potential biodiversity units of different sites, allowing for quick screening of options early in the design phase.

The One Click LCA Biodiversity Net Gain tool streamlines the mitigation hierarchy and trading rules, and core principles of the framework, to support decision making and help identify the right habitats for your development.

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