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The community forum is your insider’s pass to skills and knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. It's a members-only forum for One Click LCA software users where you can gain an edge and make a difference in your field.


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One Click LCA community forum is for sharing best practices, cooperating, and raising awareness of the challenges we face and how to overcome them. It is an insider’s pass to skills and knowledge that you won’t find just anywhere.

Stay in the loop with the latest in our industry, giving you the edge to make a real difference in your area of expertise. Set yourself and others up for success to decarbonize our industry globally.


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Greetings from the Community Manager

Listen to this message from One Click LCA's Community Manager, Steven. He wants you to share your best practices and kick-off discussions on any topic related to the decarbonization of construction and manufacturing. You are the one who has knowledge others may not have, and everyone benefits from your experience.