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Fast, unified LCA software

Global demand for carbon advisory services is growing, driven by new government regulations, increasing client demands, and building market awareness. Requests for life-cycle carbon assessments (LCAs) and education are expanding, giving enterprise leaders considerable opportunities and unique challenges.

Disparate teams with varying levels of expertise using different tools to deliver client work make it challenging to track adoption and progress and even harder to scale productivity as quickly as the market moves.

Add the additional complexity of regional compliance and regulatory requirements, and a global, unified LCA strategy and toolkit becomes clear.


Consistent, comprehensive, global solutions

One Click LCA for enterprise provides global, consistent, standardized sustainability software across your international operations, including all the tools your teams need for regional compliance. The dedicated training and customer success teams and multi-lingual support keep your business humming and your teams upskilling. At the same time, One Click LCA's world-class cyber security provides the peace of mind you need.



Automated LCA

Meet complex client needs

One Click LCA’s enterprise-grade sustainability software gives your teams the tools they need to meet complex client needs - every time, on time. In addition the support and customer success teams integrate into the offering to ensure your sustainability teams are equipped with the critical knowledge and expertise they need to capitalize on the growing carbon market.

Global standard, local compliance

One Click LCA is the only sustainability software that can deliver compliance with global standards via a single and secure platform. No more disparate tools and disconnected teams.

Seamless access, without the wait

Our enterprise offering provides full, immediate access to our suite of products across all the locations where your sustainability team sits — no more backlogs of work or missed opportunities.

Instantly see the data you need

One Click LCA’s enterprise software integrates advanced reporting capabilities that allow fast measurement and reporting on LCA production, compliance, and adoption across the globe.

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Trusted by top enterprises

One Click LCA is already helping some of the biggest companies in the world roll out their sustainability solution standard. 16 of the 20 top architecture firms, 8 of the ten top contractors, and 8 of the ten top construction product manufacturers worldwide are thriving with One Click LCA. 

The One Click LCA enterprise offering is explicitly designed to  put business leaders in the driver's seat from the very beginning. One Click LCA is one of the only LCA vendors offering consumption-based billing, meaning you only pay for the licenses you use. Get enterprise-grade security, advanced cybersecurity, world-class support, and best-in-class vendor solidity gained over 20+ years in the industry.

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Choose enterprise-grade sustainability solutions

With One Click LCA, you can meet demands for sustainability quickly and easily. Schedule a tailored demo to learn how it works.