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Explore the world's largest construction LCA database

Unlock the potential of 200,000+ data points to empower your sustainability projects. From rigorous verification to ready-to-use datasets, you can get access to an ever-expanding repository of accurate, up-to-date information.


Up-to-date, verified, and localised LCA data

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200,000+ data points

One Click LCA works around the clock to integrate all possible sources of environmental construction data in the world.

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10-point verification

All data in One Click LCA's database undergoes a rigorous ten-point verification using a process that has been reviewed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

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Ready-to-use data

Data is curated and structured to offer ready-to-use information, catering specifically to your project’s geographic location and certification requirements.

Global data accessibility

Detailed EPD integration

One Click LCA extends its reach globally, assimilating data from nearly every EPD platform worldwide. Our robust platform goes beyond, encompassing EPD data not listed in standard databases, to give you an exhaustive range of environmental product declarations.

Compliance across borders

One Click LCA maintains a globally recognised standard of data quality, with all EU database entries meeting the EN 15804 standard. Similarly, the North American datasets adhere to the ISO 14040/44 standard, enabling seamless cross-border project planning and execution.

Manufacturer-specific data for precision

A multitude of European and international building material producers have their specific data captured within One Click LCA, facilitating highly accurate calculation outcomes for your projects.

Country-specific average data

Even if you have not decided on specific products, One Click LCA provides country-specific average data, like Ökobaudat and INIES, to support your preliminary planning.

Local compensation methodology

In regions lacking a comprehensive local building LCA database, One Click LCA employs a local compensation methodology. This ensures the data is adjusted to reflect the local manufacturing conditions, providing you with relevant and accurate results.

Inclusion opportunities for manufacturers

Manufacturers are welcomed to contribute to the enrichment of One Click LCA's database. If you have yet to publish an EPD but wish to be part of our comprehensive LCA platform, you can submit your data. To integrate your data or discover more about compliance and data offerings, reach out at

EPD platforms around the globe

Filter by region, certification, or product type to get tailored results that reflect specific manufacturing conditions and local standards.



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Global compliance

Complies with BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, and over 80 other certification schemes, standards, and requirements.

Early & intuitive LCA

Streamlines complex assessments into a clear, manageable process.

BIM & other integrations

Ensure seamless integration with your team’s unique workflow through our advanced data integration capabilities.

Cover all project phases

Assess the environmental impacts of any project, anywhere in the world.

Automated EPD process

Save time and costs with EPD Generator's automated quality checks, verification, and publishing services.


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