FDES — EPDs for the French market

Get EPDs (FDES) published according to French standards

For manufacturers to simplify EPD (FDES) creation for French regulatory requirements — featuring Ecoinvent 3.8 data, automation for quicker EPD production, and exclusive features for the French market.


Fast & easy EPDs (FDES) for France

Simplify EPD (FDES) creation and publishing for the French market with One Click LCA. Features include Functional Unit (FU) input, impact calculation per Declared Unit and FU, French language EPDs, detailed report generation, and expert support.


Seamless EPD creation & publishing

Create EPDs easily using One Click LCA, then submit them directly to EPD Hub, INIES, or PEP Ecopassport for verification and publication. This integration offers a seamless, end-to-end solution for manufacturers.


Exclusive features for the French market

Features specific to French regulations include the ability to input the Functional Unit (FU) for products, calculate impacts per Declared Unit (DU) and FU, generate EPDs in French, and easily create a detailed background report.


Easy activation & support

Available as an add-on, activating this tool is straightforward. Contact our sales team for personalised assistance and make the most out of your EPD publishing process.


Create EPDs (FDES) aligned with French regulation

Talk to our EPD experts and explore the tool.