Create EPDs and win with sustainable products

Create EPDs to secure global market access and win more business. Differentiate your company by creating low-carbon and circular products.


Fast, easy, scalable EPDs

Automate the life-cycle assessment & EPD generation for your products. Meet market requirements globally, nationally, and locally with tailored compliance solutions. Leverage our structured process and validated templates to succeed. Scale EPD generation with BOM importing and EPD variation solutions. Identify hotspots and alternatives to bring down the environmental impact.



Manufacturing sustainability tools

Deliver EPDs & carbon footprints. Market and deliver sustainable products.

Pre-verified EPD Generator

Create EPDs easily for any product and comply with ISO 14040, ISO 14044, EN 15804+A1+A2, ISO21930, and ISO 14025.

EPD Generator

Create EPDs for any product in any industry. The software also allows you to create private EPDs and TM65-compliant calculations.

Product Carbon Footprint

Measure and report your product’s emissions from cradle-to-grave. Streamline carbon footprint calculation and comply with ISOs 14040, 14044, 14067, CBAM and EN 15804.

Luminaires EPD Generator

Simplify luminaires EPD creation — customized datapoints for luminaires, templates for material input, and pre-loaded manufacturing data.

Concrete EPD Generator

Create and publish third-party verified concrete EPDs — fully compliant with global standards. Ensure market acceptance with product data.


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