One Click LCA software for manufacturing

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For businesses who need a reliable, efficient solution for creating EPDs and delivering project specific data for their clients.

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  • Assess product impacts easily
  • Find the carbon hotspots quickly
  • Generate alternatives to identify reductions
  • Access to One Click LCA’s unique database & Ecoinvent data
  • Database of global EPDs (depends on the standards pursued)
  • Standards-aligned, ready to go LCA model
  • Generate carbon footprint reports
  • Leverage ready-made templates
  • Pre-verified tool for a range of EPD programs
  • Import your bill of materials & description for instant EPDs
  • Generate standards-aligned EPDs & LCA reports instantly
  • Send EPDs to publishing in a single click
  • Send product LCAs instantly to designers via One Click LCA
  • Ensure quality with mass, biogenic carbon & energy balance checkers
  • Outstanding customer support

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For businesses who need proprietary LCA datasets in their assessments and who want to benchmark themselves and differentiate from the competition.

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  • Manage your private LCA data flexibly
  • Create private assembly libraries
  • Create private EPDs for projects
  • Advanced visualisations
  • Advanced product benchmarking
  • Generate your EPDs in a machine-readable formats
  • Comprehensive EPD benchmarking
  • Multi-site & multi-product averaging
  • Materials Compass to easily access EPDs from One Click LCA's home screen (add-on, bundled for free)


Global deployment solutions, API for workflow automation and advanced cybersecurity.

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  • Federated Single Sign-On & advanced security
  • Advanced reporting capabilities, incl. tools usage & project results
  • Flexible access to all software, incl. compliance tools & add-ons
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Customized deployment, training & support plans
  • API for LCA workflow automation, project reporting & more

User license

Choose the user license type that meets your needs

As cloud-based software, One Click LCA offers you two types of accesses — named user or concurrent licenses.

Named user license

Suitable for small firms with limited use. The license is limited to a user with personal log-in account.

Concurrent license

Suitable for larger firms, investors, developers, or associations. The most cost-effective way to scale software use. Multiple users share a single license, but only one user can occupy one seat at a given time.


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