Concrete EPD generator

Create & publish concrete EPDs

For concrete manufacturers to create and publish reliable, third-party verified concrete EPDs — fully compliant with global EPD standards.



Concrete EPD Generator

Meet global concrete EPD standards and maximize your global product visibility by publishing your environmental data.

Effortless data transmission to buyers

Win contracts and tenders by sending data to buyers and specifiers at any time.

Maximize global product visibility

When you create an EPD with One Click LCA, your data will be available in the world’s #1 construction sector LCA platform — used by buyers, developers, and contractors in over 100 countries.

Compliance with global EPD standards

The software complies with and is verified against EN 15804 A1 and A2 standards, generating EPDs that comply with ISO 14025, 14040, and 14044 standards. These standards are applied worldwide and aligned with the ISO 21930 standards.

Fulfill diverse regulatory and certification needs

The resulting EPDs fulfill regulatory requirements, including the Swedish Klimatdeklaration, Danish BR18, GLA’s London Plan, and Norwegian TEK 21. They also meet the requirements of leading investors, buyers, and certification schemes such as LEED and BREEAM.

Transparent and affordable prices

Over 10 times lower than standard EPD prices and fully predictable per EPD.

Easy setup

Easy to use with world-class support — no expensive or complex setup required.

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Advanced features of Concrete EPD Generator

Easy LCAs, automated scenarios, and streamlined verification for creating concrete EPDs.

Simplified LCA for concrete products

  • Concrete-specific data: Access validated, concrete-specific data, eliminating extensive data searches.

  • Customizable raw material templates: Utilize templates for various mix designs, providing a relevant LCA starting point.
  • Pre-loaded manufacturing site data (Expert License): Benefit from pre-loaded, pre-verified site data, reducing the cost of each EPD.

  • Standardized EPD Descriptions: Start with pre-filled templates and customize them to match your product's unique features. 

Automated scenarios for streamlined LCA

  • A3 manufacturing waste: Background calculation for waste treatment in manufacturing. 

  • A4 transportation: Simple input of distance with pre-filled mass and method data.

  • A5 installation: Suggested values for losses and energy consumption included. 

  • C1-C4 end-of-life: Select from predefined, referenceable scenarios. 

  • Module D benefits: Automatically computed based on inputs from earlier stages. 

Efficient verification and publishing process

  • Pre-verification with EPD Hub: Ensures compliance with EPD Hub's standards. 

  • Integrated EPD submission: Direct submission to EPD Hub through an integrated portal, reducing administrative tasks. 

  • Automated verification after initial checks: Following manual verification of the first three EPDs, subsequent verifications are automated with periodic quality audits. 

Who creates concrete EPDs?

The environmental impact of concrete matters. Concrete EPDs inform buyers about your product's impact, empowering them to make informed choices. Concrete EPDs should be a top priority for:

  • Ready-mix concrete manufacturers 
  • On-site concrete plants 
  • Precast concrete manufacturers 
  • Concrete products manufacturers 

Make a difference with concrete EPDs

Concrete is the most used material on the planet. It causes 4 gigatons of carbon emissions a year. Buyers know this and are looking for ways to reduce their impact. Concrete EPDs provide the reliable environmental data that buyers value.  

One Click LCA Concrete EPD Generator allows you to create EPDs at low costs without compromising quality. 


Ready to create concrete EPDs?

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