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Create EPDs fully compliant with ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14067, EN 15804+A1+A2, ISO 21930, and ISO 14025 standards.


What is Pre-verified EPD Generator?

One Click LCA Pre-verified EPD Generator is an automated and affordable tool to develop robust environmental product declarations (EPDs), complying with ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14067, EN 15804+A1+A2, ISO 21930, and ISO 14025. The software provides tailored templates for your manufacturing industry. Transfer your bill of materials automatically into One Click LCA either using a file upload (i.e. Excel) or using an Application Programming Interface (API).



Simplify your EPD process

With Pre-verified EPD Generator, you can get your EPDs done easily and efficiently with a single point of contact for LCA tools, databases, EPD generation, third-party verification, or publishing.


Simplified data collection

Effortlessly gather data using industry-specific templates. Easily transfer your bill of materials to One Click LCA's platform via file upload (like Excel) or API integration, streamlining your data collection process.


Efficient EPD generation

Utilize ready-made, customizable Microsoft Word templates for your EPD and its background report. Our tool ensures compliance with EN 15804, ISO 21930, ISO 14040, ISO 14044, and ISO 14025, offering cradle-to-gate scope and options for TM65-compliant calculations and private EPDs.


Streamlined third-party verification

Our pre-review by EPD experts ensures high-quality output, facilitating swift third-party verification. This pre-assessment enhances the likelihood of first-time verification success, saving you time and resources.


Hassle-free publishing

Leverage our partnerships for publishing EPDs with EPD International (Environdec), EPD Hub, and the Building Information Foundation RTS. Enjoy reduced rates and increased visibility with our Pre-verified EPD Generator.


Efficient & trustworthy EPD generation

Speed up your EPD creation while reducing costs using Pre-verified EPD Generator. The streamlined process minimizes delays and simplifies iterations. One Click LCA offers complete training, setup assistance, and automated tools for life cycle assessment (LCA) and EPD generation. Final documents are reviewed internally and then sent to third-party verifiers and publishers for validation.

Simplified EPD workflow — fast & cost-effective

Opt for manual entry of building materials and data, or swiftly import designs from Excel, Autodesk Revit, Rhino, Procore, IFC, IES-VE, energy models (gbXML), among others. Input options also include building areas, energy and water usage, site operations, emissions, and removals for a comprehensive life-cycle impact assessment of your building.

Reliable & compliant EPDs

One Click LCA solution balances affordability with quality. The tool meets global LCA and EPD standards like ISO 21930, ISO 14044, ISO 14025, ISO 14067, and EN 15804, including its recent updates.

Compliance with EN 15804+A2

We ensure your EPDs comply with the latest requirements of EN 15804+A2, a crucial global standard for EPDs, effective from July 2022.

EPDs aligned with global standards

With One Click LCA Pre-verified EPD Generator, all results categories are calculated automatically from your input data in line with EN 15804+A2, EN 15804+A1, and TRACI 2.1. This means your EPD has global passporting rights for its whole five-year validity. One Click LCA EPD tools also support the ISO 14067 requirement to report fossil and biogenic carbon emissions, land-use change emissions, and carbon storage separately. This requires using the software in line with EN 15804.

Critical third-party verification

ISO 14025 emphasizes the importance of third-party verification for EPD reliability. This step is crucial for your EPD's recognition in certifications, regulations, and procurement standards, distinguishing it from unverified EPDs.


Automate EPDs with templates

One Click LCA offers a comprehensive range of EPD templates for many product categories, including cementitious products, metal-based products, wood, plant fiber-based products, asphalt, aggregates, stone products, bitumen membranes, paints, coatings, sealants, and many more. Also new EPD templates can be created on request.

Cement-based products

Ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, concrete products, and cementious mortars and screeds.

Metal-based products

Primary steel and aluminium and all metal-based products.

Wood & plant fiber-based products

Wood, wood-based boards and elements, including composites.

Asphalt, aggregates & stone products

Asphalt, aggregates and soils, and natural stone products.

Bitumen membranes

Bitumen membranes and roofing products.

Plumbing products

Plumbing products, equipment, components and systems.


Cost-effective large-scale EPD publishing

If you produce and publish 20+ EPDs per year, the standard solutions might not be economically reasonable. Larger product portfolios need customized, high-efficiency solutions that help reduce cost, complexity, and working time. One Click LCA offers large-scale EPD publishing.

Frequently asked questions

Pre-verified EPD Generator

Can the One Click LCA Pre-verified EPD Generator be used for other product categories?

Yes, to the extent the LCA data your license covers is sufficient for modeling the other products. However, the pre-verified EPD publishing prices apply only to the category(ies) which the customer and their process is pre-verified for.

When should I choose One Click LCA Pre-verified EPD Generator?

This is an offering for the customers, often product manufacturers, who want to deliver Type III environmental product declarations in compliance with EN 15804, ISO 21930, ISO 14040, ISO 14044, and ISO 14025 in a streamlined, efficient manner while ensuring high quality of the deliverables. You buy the entire solution from us and we manage the entire delivery and publishing process.

Choose this option if: 

  • You want to have a transparent, clear and fixed low prices for the entire delivery process of EPDs.
  • You want to offer your own supply chain an affordable and easy to use solution to deliver product EPDs for your projects.
  • You have no or limited experience with EPD process and want to have experienced LCA professional to review your data.
  • You want to have an experienced LCA professional review your work before it is submitted to the third-party verifier.
  • You want to have a single point of contact and responsibility for compliance of the results and deadlines, (only for EPD Hub).
  • You are able gather, input and document the product manufacturing data and product information for your products. 

When should I use the One Click LCA EPD Generator without pre-verified status?

Generally, this is for you if you intend to work across any number of product categories. This is an offering for customers, often consulting companies, who want to calculate their LCAs independently and deliver Type III environmental product declarations (EPDs) for different types of products, in compliance with EN 15804, ISO 21930, ISO 14040, and ISO 14044, or other standards and verify them for ISO 14025 compliance. This offering is typically suitable for customer with experience in calculating and publishing EPDs, or significant LCA experience.

Choose this option if:

  • You want to choose and manage your Product Category Rules and EPD Program Operator yourself.
  • You want to choose and manage your independent third-party verifier yourself.
  • You want to take full responsibility for the compliance of results with targeted PCRs and standards.
  • You want to spend time choosing and buying all services separately and manage their delivery.
  • You want to be solely responsible for compliance, outcomes, costs, and deadlines.

Will it help me to comply with EN 15804+A2?

EN 15804 has become the cornerstone standard for EPDs and has been broadly adopted worldwide. EN 15804+A2 is a major amendment which changes EPDs significantly. It was approved in July 2019 and became mandatory in July 2022. 

Fortunately, with One Click LCA Pre-verified EPD Generator, all results categories are calculated automatically from your input data in line with EN 15804+A2, EN 15804+A1, and TRACI 2.1. This means that your EPD has global passporting rights for its whole five-year validity.

Can I get our process pre-verified later if I need to?

Yes, you can. You can start with the One Click LCA EPD Generator, and when you feel ready, you can undergo the pre-verification process and start using the pre-verified EPD publishing prices. If you have further questions please write to

Why is third-party verification necessary?

Third-party verification is a key factor in why EPDs are valued for their impartial, standardized, and comparable information. It is a core element of the international standard that defines EPDs: ISO 14025. Without third-party verification, your EPD will not be recognized by many certification schemes, regulations, and procurement requirements. Bypassing third-party verification may seem attractive in the short term, but in the long run, it could render your EPD investment effectively useless.

Do I need to publish my EPD?

No, you can choose not to publish by creating a private EPD for tendering use only. Publishing is required for public EPDs and our team will support you through the process. You can benefit from lower EPD publishing rates with our Pre-verified EPD Generator.



Where can I publish EPDs created with One Click LCA EPD Generator?

You can publish EPDs created with One Click LCA in virtually any EPD program.

One Click LCA is pre-verified for the International EPD System, EPD Hub, and EPD Australasia. This means the process is straightforward and documentation is aligned. One Click LCA is also approved by the Concrete Sustainability Council for achieving its sustainable concrete ratings.

One Click LCA is also used to publish FDES for the French INIES EPD program, with pre-generated INIES documentation. One Click LCA is also used to publish EPDs in IBU, EPD Norge, UL and PEP Ecopassport EPD programs.

One Click LCA publishes EPDs with EPD International (Environdec). Environdec has a mutual recognition with other established Program Operators, including: AENOR GlobalEPD (Spain), IBU (Germany), EPD Norge (Norway), and SCS Global Services (USA).

With the Expert plan, One Click LCA can also support program-specific extensions for other Program Operators, including: INIES, Nationale Milieudatabase, EPD Norge, and UL Environment. However, please note that the pre-verfieid solution is not available when publishing to these platforms.

What data does One Click LCA cover?

The Pre-verified EPD Generator gives you access to One Click LCA’s extensive EPD database and up to 150 relevant Ecoinvent datasets, with the option to upgrade to access the entire Ecoinvent database.Are there other options and how can I learn more about them? Please write to us at or schedule a demo from here.

Is EPD Hub a member of ECO Platform?

EPD Hub is a proud member of ECO Platform, in the Emerging Program Operator Category. 

EPD Hub independently verifies and publishes environmental product declarations (EPD). EPDs provide third-party verified, trusted carbon and environmental data about products, and they are used to compare, choose and report on the impacts of products by organizations worldwide, as well as to comply with regulations. 

ECO Platform is an association of EPD program operators and associated organisations, and it authors additional rules for EPD creation to ensure consistency. 

ECO Platform membership helps ensure continued comparability of EPD Hub’s EPDs and thus increases their value to manufacturers and the users of the data. 


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