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Everything you need to know about LCA, EPDs, decarbonization, & sustainability in construction & manufacturing.

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A guide to LCA for green building experts

This article simplifies life-cycle Assessment (LCA) for newcomers, highlighting its importance in construction.

10 design commandments — cut embodied carbon in construction

How to reduce embodied carbon in construction with 10 easy-to-follow design rules or commandments.

Designing Net Zero Carbon buildings

What is net zero carbon, why it matters, and strategies for achieving it.

Top manufacturing resources

A simple guide to EPDs

What they are, why you need them and how to create them.

EPD or PEF – which one is best for construction products?

A comparative review for construction product manufacturers.

EPD pre-verification

What is it and how does it work?

Top guides & research

Read about the most up-to-date best practice in the industry and make sense of science-based decarbonization.

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