Luminaires EPD Generator

Simplify luminaires EPD creation with the Luminaires EPD Generator

For luminaires manufacturers to streamline luminaires EPD creation with One Click LCA's automated, verified Luminaires EPD Generator.


For sustainable lighting — advanced features

Simplified LCAs for sustainable lighting — customised datapoints for luminaires, templates for material input, and pre-loaded manufacturing data.

Customised datapoints

Access data specifically curated for luminaires, streamlining your EPD creation process. No more sifting through endless data points.

Templates for material input

Utilise our approved templates to establish a solid baseline for your LCA model, enhancing accuracy and relevance.

Pre-loaded manufacturing data

Benefit from pre-loaded data for manufacturing sites, including energy consumption and ancillaries, for hassle-free and reusable data entry.

Ready-to-use templates for EPD creation

Simplify your EPD creation with pre-filled standardised descriptions. Customise these to match your product's unique attributes, saving time and effort in documentation.

Automated scenarios for luminaries

  • Streamlined manufacturing waste treatment (A3)—automated calculations streamline your assessment of manufacturing waste treatment.
  • Simplified transportation inputs (A4) — enter the transportation method and distance. We handle the rest. 
  • Predefined end-of-life scenarios (C1-C4) — choose from established, referenceable end-of-life scenarios, ensuring compliance and ease. 
  • Automated Module D benefits — benefit calculations are automatically derived. 


Streamlined luminaires EPD verification and publishing

Improve your EPD workflow with pre-verified, integrated, and efficient solutions for sustainable lighting.

Pre-verified tool

Meets the requirements of EPD Hub, streamlining your EPD creation process.

Integrated EPD submission

Utilise our direct portal for submitting EPDs to EPD Hub. Say goodbye to tedious document downloads and email back-and-forths.

Efficient verification process

After manual verification of your first three EPDs, enjoy automated verification for subsequent submissions, backed by random quality audits for continued assurance.



Timely EPD delivery

Rely on One Click LCA's Luminaires EPD Generator for timely and accurate EPD submissions, consistently meeting your client's needs.


Sustainable lighting — why are luminaire EPDs important?

Lighting accounts for 15% of global electricity consumption and 5% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Informed buyers seek to minimise their environmental impact, turning to reliable sources like luminaire EPDs. 
  • Luminaire EPDs offer essential environmental data, guiding buyers towards more sustainable product choices. 
  • These EPDs not only ensure compliance with evolving environmental regulations but also allow companies to transparently showcase their commitment to sustainability. 
  • By providing clear environmental footprints of lighting products, luminaire EPDs drive sustainable practices and foster positive change in the industry. 
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