Reduce embodied carbon in building designs

Simple & easy-to-use software to manage regulatory compliance, create compelling reports, & make early-phase design decisions across multiple projects.


Understand the challenges of sustainable design

Navigating the complex regulatory and compliance requirements across diverse projects is a challenge for today’s sustainability experts. Many LCA tools fall short in addressing the specific needs of construction LCA, especially regarding early design and the demands for rapid, accurate estimations and transparent reporting.

One Click LCA offers intuitive, efficient solutions. Generate transparent, easily interpretable reports, integrate with over 15 BIM tools, and produce accurate early phase estimates.  

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Seamless integration with 20+ BIM tools

One Click LCA's integration with over 15 BIM tools ensures smooth compatibility and data transfer. It streamlines data import and management, making the LCA process more efficient and consistent. Automated integration significantly cuts down the time required to calculate an LCA, from a number of months to a matter of hours. This practical integration saves time and enhances the accuracy of your sustainability evaluations across multiple projects and with a variety of BIM tools. 
Add-on tool

Early-phase insights with Carbon Designer 3D

One Click LCA's Carbon Designer 3D simplifies early-phase design decisions, enabling you to generate swift and precise carbon estimates based on limited parameters available. This tool is a game-changer, allowing you to make informed decisions from the project's inception. Carbon Designer 3D provides a solid foundation for sustainable design, ensuring your early-stage decisions are environmentally and economically sound.

Customized solutions for LCA compliance

One Click LCA is designed to assist with LCA compliance, catering to the specific requirements of the construction industry. It supports a wide range of regulations and certifications, such as LEED and BREEAM. The platform provides practical solutions, ensuring your projects align with current sustainability standards. With One Click LCA, managing construction regulations and certifications is simplified and straightforward.

One Click LCA's customer service and business development teams, comprised of seasoned experts, along with the extensive training library, mean you will have access to all the educational resources you need to meet regulatory and certification requirements. 


Transform data into reports & visuals

With its user-friendly interface, One Click LCA allows you to effortlessly compare design options and translate these comparisons into visuals that are understandable and compelling for your clients. This feature is especially crucial when presenting the financial feasibility of sustainable designs, making complex data accessible and actionable.

The software's ability to generate compliant reports tailored to various certification systems and regulatory schemes simplifies the compliance process significantly. Whether you're dealing with a project in its early stages or with detailed BOM or BIM models, One Click LCA rapidly provides accurate carbon figures.   



Cut embodied carbon & build a sustainable future

One Click LCA enables design and construction teams to automate life-cycle assessments and costing for buildings and infrastructure projects. This data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions that minimize environmental impact by cutting embodied carbon and enhancing the overall sustainability of the projects. 

200,000+ up-to-date, verified construction LCA datapoints used in 150+ countries. 

Easy, intuitive LCA to quantify and reduce carbon across all project phases. 

20+ BIM & BEM integrations and APIs for optioneering or seamless data access. 

80+ global compliance standards, including LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, and more.

SOC 2 & ISO 27001 certificates, ensuring the most-demanding global cybersecurity. 

Global customer support from certified design & and construction LCA experts.  

LCA for construction

Design greener buildings and achieve certifications using the world’s largest construction LCA database for fast and effective automated life-cycle assessments.

LCA for infrastructure

Quantify the environmental impacts of your infrastructure project, be it airports, bridges, canals, transmission systems, roads, flood alleviation schemes, park & ride schemes, or wastewater treatment works.


Experience One Click LCA in action

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