Get reliable LCAs for your development project

Explore how the life-cycle assessment software helps developers enhance the bidding process, meet regulations, and scale operations with user-friendly technology.


Differentiate yourself

In a marketplace where every advantage counts, developers can differentiate themselves during the tender process by showcasing regulatory compliance, sustainability, and financial viability.

One Click LCA solutions are designed to meet regulatory and certification requirements, ensuring the use of valid data and alignment with the necessary standards.

With Carbon Designer 3D and access to the world's largest construction database, One Click LCA can enhance your project's benchmarking and optimization, demonstrate regulatory compliance, and help you scale. 


Gain advantage in development bids

When you navigate regulations with One Click LCA, the complex world of regulatory compliance becomes straightforward. The software ensures your projects adhere to the latest standards, giving you a reliable foundation for every bid.

  • Effortless navigation through complex regulations.
  • Comprehensive EPD database with over 200,000 data points.
  • Compliance as a key differentiator in your bids. 

Dual reporting power

One Click LCA elevates your bids by providing dual reporting capabilities, showcasing both environmental and financial sustainability. Demonstrate the financial feasibility of your project when you offer a holistic view of its value.

  • Detailed sustainability metrics for environmental impact assessment.
  • Financial reporting to demonstrate project viability.
  • Data-driven insights that make your bids more compelling. 

Scale LCA across extensive portfolios

Manual or outsourced LCA creation equals longer and more expensive workflows. With One Click LCA, you can simplify and scale your LCA process with our easy-to-use software and excellent customer support. The solutions are pre-approved wherever possible, always designed to meet regulatory or certification requirements, and easy to share with external consultants.

  • Streamline project management with easily gathered data and reports.
  • Compare and optimize designs through seamless data integration.
  • Scale your operations and save on costs with automated LCA software.
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Cut embodied carbon with automated LCA

One Click LCA enables design & construction teams to automate life-cycle assessments and life-cycle costing for buildings and infrastructure projects. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions that minimize environmental impact by cutting embodied carbon and enhance the overall sustainability of your projects. 

200,000+ up-to-date, verified construction LCA datapoints, used in 170+ countries. 

Easy, intuitive LCA to quantify and reduce carbon across all project phases. 

20+ BIM & BEM integrations and APIs for optioneering or seamless data access. 

80+ global compliance standards, including LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, and more. 

SOC 2 & ISO 27001 certificates, ensuring most-demanding global cybersecurity. 

Global customer support from certified design & construction LCA experts.  

LCA for construction

Design greener buildings and achieve certifications by using the world’s largest construction LCA database for fast and effective automated life-cycle assessments.

LCA for infrastructure

Quantify the environmental impacts of your infrastructure project, be it airports, bridges, canals, transmission systems, roads, flood alleviation schemes, park & ride schemes, or wastewater treatment works.


Gain an edge with automated LCAs

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