Optimize LCA for power & utilities

Simplify complex life-cycle assessments in power & utilities infrastructure.


Tackle data & regulatory complexities

Managing complex supply chains, predicting long-term environmental impacts, and complying with regulatory and policy frameworks are all challenges facing the power and utilities infrastructure sector. These challenges demand a tool that is both easy to use and efficient in handling diverse data inputs.

One Click LCA meets these demands by offering the world's largest database for LCAs and EPDs and simplifying data management across intricate supply chains. Our software facilitates accurate long-term emission predictions, considering evolving technology, fuel availability, and regulations.  Simply the management of projects with extended lifecycles, ensuring compliance and efficiency, with One Click LCA. 


Expert guidance & customized tools for compliance needs

The power and utilities industry operates under stringent regulatory conditions across different regions and countries. One Click LCA provides solutions tailored to these regulatory frameworks, offering tools and reports that align with industry-specific requirements.

One Click LCA's team of experts is always ready to assist you at every step, ensuring your projects comply with regional and international standards. This hands-on support and our easy-to-use software provide a smooth and compliant LCA process for all your power and utility projects. 


Access the largest database for long life-cycle predictions

In an industry where data is hard to come by, and supply chains are complex, One Click LCA provides the most comprehensive database of EPDs and LCAs available. This extensive resource is precious when working on projects with long lifecycles and involving multifaceted components and machinery. The database ensures you have access to the best data available, enabling precise and informed decisions for your projects, irrespective of their complexity or duration.


Data integration for efficient LCA workflows

One Click LCA offers a standardized data input process allowing simple uploads from Excel and numerous other integrations. This simple process ensures that data from various sources can be seamlessly incorporated into your LCA assessments, making the process straightforward and effective for all involved parties.



Cut embodied carbon with automated LCA

One Click LCA enables design construction teams to automate life-cycle assessments and life-cycle costing for buildings and infrastructure projects. This data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions that minimize environmental impact by cutting embodied carbon and enhancing the overall sustainability of the projects. 

Largest LCA database

200,000+ up-to-date, verified construction LCA datapoints, used in 150+ countries. 

Easy, intuitive LCA & EPDs

Easy, intuitive LCA to quantify and reduce carbon across all project phases. 

20+ BIM & other integrations

20+ BIM & BEM integrations and APIs for optioneering or seamless data access. 

80+ compliance standards

80+ global compliance standards, including LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, and more. 

Enterprise-grade security

SOC 2 & ISO 27001 certificates, ensuring most-demanding global cybersecurity. 

Support from industry experts

Global customer support from certified design & construction LCA experts.  

LCA for construction

Design greener buildings and achieve certifications using the world’s largest construction LCA database for fast and effective automated life-cycle assessments.

LCA for infrastructure

Quantify the environmental impacts of your infrastructure project, be it airports, bridges, canals, transmission systems, roads, flood alleviation schemes, park & and ride schemes, or wastewater treatment works.


Simplify your power & utilities LCA process

Get started with the leading LCA tool for power and utilities infrastructure.