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One Click LCA is for construction professionals who want to create greener buildings, achieve certifications, or comply with regulations.

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Building LCA made easy — measure carbon and get compliant

Streamline LCA for construction with One Click LCA, featuring global certification compliance, BIM and other integrations, and the most comprehensive construction LCA database worldwide.

  • Compliant with 80+ global and regional certifications
  • Integrates with 20+ BIM and other tools
  • 200,000+ construction LCA data points
  • Circularity assessments, life-cycle cost analysis, net-zero estimations, and more
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Comply with 80+ certifications, standards, & regulations

One Click LCA complies with BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, and 80+ international and local certifications. It also supports compliance with both local and global standards, including EN 15978 and Levels(s).

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One Click LCA is the highest-rated LCA tool for BREEAM, verified by BRE with 100% Mat 01 rating. The software supports all BREEAM schemes: BREEAM UK, BREEAM NOR, BREEAM SE, BREEAM NL, BREEAM ES, BREEAM DE & BREEAM International. 

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Use One Click LCA to achieve MRc1 LCA and other credits from your LEED scheme anywhere in the world — including the United States, the European Union, and Asia.

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Energie Carbone, RE2020

Calculate the environmental performance of your buildings with the officially certified E+C- and RE2020 One Click LCA software. The modules also allow for the calculation of LCAs for BBCA, HQE, and more.

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is necessary in DGNB to obtain the required credits for a beneficial and lifecycle-oriented planning. You only need to upload the Bill of Materials (BIM, Excel, or gbXML) of your project into the user-friendly cloud service to receive results that comply with DGNB guidelines.

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One Click LCA fully supports your Infrastructure project. The software complies with the requirements of CEEQUAL 5.1, 5.2 and 4.1, and has been third party certified for compliance with ISO and EN general and construction-specific LCA standards.

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One Click LCA can fully support almost all Level(s) macro-objectives — greenhouse gas emissions (life cycle), resource-efficient material life cycles, efficient use of water resources, healthy spaces, resilience, optimized life-cycle cost and value, overarching: cradle-to-cradle LCA.

A graphic depicting the logos of One Click LCAs green partners surrounding a 3d render of a building


Design greener buildings with automated construction LCA

One Click LCA combines intuitive functionality with the world’s largest LCA construction database, resulting in fast and effective automated life-cycle assessments. 

Integrate with 20+ BIM & other software

Opt for manual entry of building materials and data, or easily import designs from Excel, Autodesk Revit, Rhino, Procore, IFC, IES-VE, energy models (gbXML), among others. Input options also include building areas, energy and water usage, site operations, emissions, and removals for a comprehensive LCA of your building.

Access to over 200,000 data points — including EPDs, generic, and private data

With 200,000+ data points, the One Click LCA database is the largest in the world. It features straightforward navigation, including filters and a search function, for quick access to material EPDs or generic data. The database also enables users to benchmark materials to identify those with the lowest environmental impact.

Streamlines carbon measurement and reduction across all project stages

Use Carbon Designer 3D and BIM integrations for complete project coverage. Understand whole-life carbon impacts and focus on structural and material hotspots.

Add-On tools

Optimize carbon, cost, & circularity

Certification & compliance

Comply with BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, and 80+ other certification schemes, standards, and requirements.  

Early design optimization

Optimize early design to significantly reduce your building or infrastructure project’s embodied carbon. 

MEP whole-life carbon

Decarbonize your MEP systems, gain a sustainability edge, use CIBSE TM65 data, and meet the MEP 2040 Challenge.

Net-zero solutions

Quantify all carbon-emitting and carbon-reducing options in the projects to comply with local net-zero carbon definitions. 


Track, quantify, and optimize the circularity of materials sourced and used, including end-of-life scenarios.  

Life-cycle costing

Calculate costs from all life-cycle stages. Compare and choose the most eco-friendly and cost-efficient design.  

Case studies

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“One Click LCA is powerful and easy to use for building LCA. Their continuous improvement is key in facilitating the wide adoption of LCA by the building industry.”“One Click LCA is powerful and easy to use for building LCA. Their continuous improvement is key in facilitating the wide adoption of LCA by the building industry.”

Nikolaos Vlasopoulos

LCA Services Manager


“Carbon Designer 3D is amazing. We can look into options for reducing carbon very early in the design process, when we don’t even know what the material profile will look like.”

Judhajit (Jude) Chakraborty

Senior Sustainability Consultant


“One Click LCA is the quick and easy way. We appreciate the support service from their LCA experts to discuss modeling approaches and finalize EPDs efficiently.”

Annika Bantle

Applied Sustainability Expert


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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about construction LCA with One Click LCA

Can an LCA be done without material quantities?

Yes. The Building LCA tool enables life-cycle assessments at any design stage, even without material quantities. Using the Carbon Designer 3D add-on, you can input building type, gross floor area, and the number of floors to generate initial material estimates.

Is the tool user-friendly for LCA beginners?

Definitely. The tool simplifies life-cycle assessments (LCAs) for users of all skill levels. It includes training and customer support for easy onboarding and assistance. Integrated workflows guide users through each process step, while the customer support center offers valuable guides, videos, and community forums for additional help and user interaction.

Can I optimize cost and carbon in my projects?

Yes, the Building LCA tool enables you to perform both life-cycle assessments and life-cycle costing analysis for the same project simultaneously.

How does the tool work if the material manufacturer is unknown?

No worries, the tool includes a comprehensive dataset on environmental impacts for all construction product types. It incorporates both specific manufacturer EPDs and generic data, ensuring you can find the appropriate match for your project's materials.

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