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EPD Bootcamp

These specialized, live training sessions offer an in-depth look at creating construction-product LCAs and EPDs. For students and professionals aiming to enhance their sustainability credentials, successful completion of this live training awards an industry-recognized certificate.

Free training

Live EPD Bootcamp running year-round

Our EPD Bootcamps, available globally and tailored to specific regions, are scheduled year-round to provide in-depth insights into environmental product declaration (EPD), life-cycle assessment (LCA), and carbon footprint (CFP) analysis for construction products.

Supported by industry leaders, participants will master the art of creating and publishing EPDs, utilizing advanced software tools and accessing a vast, specialized database dedicated to construction product sustainability.

Free training

Closing the green skills gap

One Click LCA Academy is dedicated to bridging the gap in green skills by aiming to educate one million experts in low-carbon construction by 2030.

Via live bootcamps, on-demand courses, and strategic partnerships, the Academy provides extensive insights into sustainable construction methods and carbon lifecycle analysis at no cost. This effort is critical to promoting sustainability across the industry and achieving worldwide decarbonization objectives.


Comprehensive learning

Academy curriculum takes a holistic look at the impact of the construction sector on the environment, the need for EPDs and CFPs, and the regulations driving them.

Practical & theory

Students are given exclusive access and hands-on instruction in creating and publishing EPDs with One Click LCA software.

Covering current regulations

Due to the ever-changing nature of the science, our live EPD courses are updated each season with the latest research and regulatory updates.

Expert guidance

Live bootcamps are run by certified design and construction LCA experts and often feature prominent industry leaders as guest speakers.

Industry-recognized certification

Upon completion of the EPD bootcamp, and by scoring at least 90% on the exam, students are awarded an industry-recognized certificate and an exclusive discount on One Click LCA software.


On-demand courses

Free, accessible, and designed for all levels, our curriculum supports your journey to becoming a low-carbon expert. Join us in our mission towards a sustainable future — start learning today.

Construction LCA bootcamps

In this week-long, live training session, industry experts share theoretical and practical guidance on decarbonization in the construction sector, how to deliver building LCAs, and whole-life carbon studies.

Free training

More free courses on Academy

Delivered on-demand, Academy training courses are suitable for students, graduates, and professionals alike.

LCA in Autodesk Revit

Learn how to use the One Click LCA integration for Autodesk Revit, how to overcome common challenges in BIM/LCA integration and how to use the integration to optimise your design and monitor embodied carbon throughout the design process.

LCA for infrastructure

Learn about the environmental impacts of infrastructure projects, how to deliver infrastructure LCAs, how to integrate LCA in the design process, and how to reduce embodied carbon in real-life projects in this free online course from One Click LCA.

Achieving LCA and EPD credits for LEED

Participants will learn how to establish a baseline LCA for LEED v4.1, understand the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) credit requirements, and navigate the LEED LCA tool.


Go beyond theory

Book a tailored product demonstration with our experts and learn how your team can reduce embodied carbon in your projects, get compliant, and win more business.