EPD types with One Click LCA

EPD types with One Click LCA

Image: EPD created by One Click LCA

EPD types — standard-compliant solutions to suit a range of business needs

Different types of Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) can be created with the One Click LCA EPD Generator to suit a variety of business needs.

This article summarizes the features of each type. For more on how to identify which EPD you need, see: Different EPD types and their uses.


Flexible EPDs that comply with the standards

All aspects of EPDs, from their underlying life-cycle assessments (LCA) to the type of verification required, are governed by a series of international standards, summarized in the table below. 


LCA standards EPD standards Verification standards
ISO 14040 and 14044 EU/EEA: EN 15804 +A1 /+A2
International: ISO 21930
ISO 14025 or
ISO 14021


Every EPD created with One Click LCA, regardless of type, complies with ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and EN 15804+A2 (as required by RICS guidelines, among others). They also provide backwards compatibility for EN 15804+A1 and comply with ISO 21930 when created with Expert licenses.

The type of verification needed for construction product EPDs is governed by two main ISO standards: ISO 14025 — Type III environmental declarations, which require independent, and usually third-party, verification; and ISO 14021 — Self-declared / Type II environmental labelling, for claims made by the manufacturer.

One Click LCA EPDs that have undergone one of the available third-party verification options comply with ISO 14025, and others are self-declared and comply with ISO 14021.

EPDs available with One Click LCA



Third-party verified EPDs

Third-party verified EPDs are the most common type, and what is usually meant by the term EPD when other things are not specified. They are the most accepted form of EPD and are accepted by almost all green building rating systems, regulations and standards. Third-party verified EPDs can also be quite cost-efficient, and One Click LCA provides a Large Scale EPD Publisher program for cost-efficient volume publishing.

Publishing EPD program
Verification Third-party verified by an approved EPD verifier
Scope of verification Verification based on EPD program full checklist, except items guaranteed by the pre-verified software status. Includes Verification statement.
Recommended for Generally available products with a standard specification
Not suited for Tenders (see Verified Project EPD and Private data)

Very large sets of product-specific EPDs (see Sister EPDs)


Sister EPDs – variants of verified EPDs

Sister EPDs are variants of an existing third-party verified EPD. They work well for manufacturers with a large range of very similar product variants or Stock Keeping Units (SKU). Sister EPDs enable companies to cover their variants with product- or SKU-specific, published third-party verified EPDs. Sister EPDs must be similar to their third-party verified EPD sister: they must be manufactured using a similar process, from similar raw materials, and for a similar function.

Variances in detailed ingredient mix, product size, thickness, layer thicknesses and coating type for example would generally be admissible for a sister EPD. However, changing the primary material, production process or function would not.

Sister EPDs will be offered by One Click LCA from Q3 2021 onwards, and the detailed rules and interpretation are still being worked on both by One Click LCA and the respective EPD programs.

Publishing EPD program
Verification Parent EPD verification and variance verification with a detailed process.
Scope of verification Verification based on areas that differ from third-party verified EPD. No Verification statement.
Recommended for

Manufacturers with a large number of distinct products / SKUs, for example: concrete manufacturers (ready-mix and precast) or any product made with a large number of permutations

Sister EPDs are not recognized in all markets. They are most widely recognized and applied in Norway, Sweden and the U.S.

Not suited for In a situation where no ‘sister’ third-party verified EPD is available to use as the basis.
When a specific verification statement is required for the EPD

Examples of what could qualify as sister EPDs are provided below:

  • Different sizes of fabricated steel structures, aluminium facades or precast concrete elements made for a similar function, using a similar production technique, and from similar materials
  • Different sizes of windows or doors made for a similar function with similar frame materials, as long as all have a similar set of functionality
  • Different ready-mix concrete mixes made from the same mix materials, as long as none of them has a fundamentally different raw materials basis
  • Different paint mixes used for the same purpose, even if the admixtures vary
  • Different compositions of building technology systems, such as ventilation machines


Verified project EPDs

Verified project EPDs are documents that are typically generated for a contract, tender or project where a specific verification is required. As with sister EPDs, they require a third-party verified EPD to be used as a basis and they must be manufactured using a similar process, from similar raw materials and for a similar function.

Publishing None. The manufacturer may choose to publish.
Verification Third-party verified by One Click LCA experts
Scope of verification Similar but more focused than third party verification. Includes Verification statement.
Recommended for Contract, tenders or projects requiring specific verification.
Not suited for EPDs that need to be published


Private data

Private data is data issued by a manufacturer to any other party in form of reports, files or sent directly via One Click LCA’s Send data to another user functionality to them directly for using it in their One Click LCA project instantly and at no cost. This allows sending specific product LCA data instantly and without unnecessary hassle to a designer working on a building project for example. Designers must accept the receipt of the data, and thereafter they can use it in One Click LCA and connected BIM plugins. This type of data, as opposed to the other types, is an ISO 14021 self-declared EPD.

Publishing None. Publishing not recommended.
Verification None.
Scope of verification None.
Recommended for Specific data that does not require verification or ISO 14025 compliance.
Not suited for Any EPDs that need to be published or verified

Suitable for large-scale EPD publishing

If you produce and publish more than 20+ EPDs a year, the standard solutions might not be economically reasonable. Larger product portfolios need customized, high-efficiency solutions that help reduce cost, complexity, and working time.


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