Create LCAs & EPDs for construction products

Manufacturers of construction and other products can calculate and showcase the carbon impacts and sustainability of their materials seamlessly.



Generate LCA & EPD for manufacturing products

The need for construction product manufacturers to demonstrate the carbon impact of their materials is increasingly required for projects that are aiming to achieve certification credits like LEED or BREEAM. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are the simple solution to externally verify and publish the environmental product profile across a vast range and volume of construction products.

Cement-based products

Ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, concrete products, and cementitious mortars and screeds.

Metal-based products

Primary steel and aluminum and all metal-based products.

Wood & plant fiber-based products

Wood, wood-based boards and elements, including composites.

Asphalt, aggregates & stone products

Asphalt, aggregates, soils, and natural stone products.

Bitumen membranes

Bitumen membranes and roofing products.

Paints, coatings, sealants, & adhesives

Includes primers, waterproofing coatings, fire-resistant sealants, epoxy adhesives, and thermal insulating paints.

Plumbing products

Plumbing products, equipment, components, and systems.

Plastic-based products & systems

PVC piping, polycarbonate sheets, insulation foams, vinyl flooring, and composite decking.

Ceramic & clay-based products

Terracotta facades, porcelain fixtures, sanitary ware, and architectural ceramics.

Gypsum, limestone, & porcelain-based products

Drywall systems, limestone blocks and cladding, porcelain tiles for flooring and wall applications.


Generate & verify EPDs with ease

Construction product manufacturers using One Click LCA save time, money, and stress on their product carbon reporting across all their core product categories.

Construction-specific resources, training, & templates

One Click LCA works with manufacturers across the globe to simplify every part of their product carbon impact reporting. As well as tools for EPD generation, verification, and publishing, we offer resources, support, training and templates specifically designed for the construction product industry.

EPD generation & third-party verification

The One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD Generator is designed to save time and money for construction manufacturers with complex, large-scale product ranges. The tool automates the end-to-end process for generating EPDs and background reports. Once documents are ready, One Click LCA reviews and forwards them for vetting and qualification with independent third-party verifiers and publishers.

Product Carbon Tool

With One Click LCA’s Product Carbon tool, you can easily calculate product carbon footprints in line with ISOs 14040, 14044, and 14067, and EN 15804. Align to initiatives like the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and others that are driving client demand for product carbon transparency. The One Click LCA Product Carbon Tool lets you easily measure and report the cradle-to-grave emissions of your products, with no experience required.

Concrete EPD Generator

As the most used material on the planet, concrete generates four gigatons of carbon emissions every year. As the sustainability landscape evolves, buyers seek more transparency around the carbon impact of their chosen concrete products. Concrete EPDs provide the reliable environmental data manufacturers need to meet buyers' expectations. One Click LCA's Concrete EPD Generator allows you to create environmental product declarations (EPDs) at low costs without compromising quality.

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The platform of choice for manufacturers

One Click LCA is an easy-to-use sustainability software that is trusted and used by manufacturers across the globe. Simple to learn, it can be used by anyone who needs it. One Click LCA's support team is on hand to guide users through the entire process, from EPD generation to painless third-party verification and everything in between.

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Frequently asked questions

EPDs for construction products

Can I group multiple products into one EPD?

Yes — with EPD Hubs’ flexible averaging and scaling rules, it is often possible to cover a whole product range within one EPD, providing it meets the requirements outlined in the EPD Hub General Program Instructions.

For how long is an EPD valid?

Once verified and published, an EPD lasts five years — according to ISO 14040/14044, ISO 14025, EN 15804, or ISO 21930 standards.


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