Simplify carbon impact reporting for MEP designers & engineers

Meet your mechanical, electrical, & plumbing (MEP) project needs – whatever they are. Decarbonize MEP systems, hit MEP 2040 targets, and drive your sustainability agenda.


Tailored solutions for MEP designers & engineers

MEP contributes up to 50% of embodied carbon in commercial buildings and up to 50% of embodied carbon in retrofits over the lifetime of a building. Designers and engineers in the MEP industry are under pressure to reduce the carbon impact of their products and provide transparency on their MEP project data.

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The sustainability tool designed for MEP

One Click LCA understands the unique challenges facing designers and engineers in the MEP industry. That’s why we have designed and developed the MEP Carbon Tool – the simple, easy-to-use platform that enables you to use TM65 data for advanced carbon tooling specific to even the most complex MEP needs.

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Meet MEP 2040 & other sustainability goals

Construction product manufacturers using One Click LCA save time, money, and stress on their product carbon reporting across all their core product categories.

High-level MEP assemblies in one click

Advanced carbon tooling for MEP needs. Access ready-to-go, high-level MEP assemblies, like electrification per m2 for office buildings.

Generic MEP data — before you choose a supplier

Compare and choose MEP datasets from a wide range of sustainable options from the world’s largest construction LCA database.

Manufacturer-specific MEP product EPDs & TM65 data

Choose from a comprehensive global set of manufacturer-specific EPDs for MEP products from a continuously updated LCA and EPD database.

Water, refrigerant, operating energy, & more

The MEP Carbon Tool offers unique global datasets for refrigerants, operating energy, water, and end-of-life impacts.

Add private data with enterprise-grade security

Add any of your private data to the system, with enterprise-grade security. Totally secure, with no compromise.

Continuously updated global EPD data

All the data you need, all the time. The MEP Carbon Tool is continuously updated with the world’s latest EPDs and other data.

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How the MEP Carbon Tool helps designers & engineers

Differentiate your business

MEP climate impact expertise positions you as a sustainable design leader. Be the leader who helps your clients achieve their climate goals.

Offer new MEP services

Target MEP carbon in data centers, offices, cooled warehouses, and retrofits. Leverage new opportunities to provide decarbonization and specification services.

Win low-carbon jobs

Reduce cost and carbon by performing simulations considering whole-life scenarios, including transport, maintenance, service life, and more. Consider carbon pricing during procurement and specification.

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The platform of choice for MEP professionals

One Click LCA's MEP Carbon Tool is the simple, affordable solution that supports designers and engineers to use TM65 data and hit their MEP 2040 and other sustainability goals.

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Frequently asked questions

What is CIBSE TM65?

CIBSE TM65 is a calculation methodology for calculating the embodied carbon of building services and engineering systems, including MEP systems.

What is MEP 2040?

MEP 2040 is a call to action for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers and designers to reduce carbon by 2040 radically. You can be a part of the change.

Why do TM65 and MEP 2040 matter?

MEP contributes up to 50% of embodied carbon in commercial buildings and up to 50% of embodied carbon in retrofits over the lifetime of a building. 


Meet your MEP 2040 goals

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