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Educating the future generation of changemakers is critical to achieving a zero-carbon future. That’s why One Click LCA offers free Building LCA licenses to life-cycle assessment for Bachelor’s or Master’s students.

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Driving forward a zero-carbon future hinges on the innovation and commitment of emerging changemakers.

One Click LCA grants students and educators complimentary access to Building LCA licenses to support this mission, with special discounts available for PhD researchers.

For students engaged in life-cycle assessment studies, our student license offers an invaluable resource for your projects and research. Included in your student license is a gateway to the One Click LCA Academy, where you can explore free training programs designed to enhance your learning experience.


Research license

PhD students or researchers who intend to use One Click LCA for their own non-remunerated academic research can apply for discounts of up to 50% on most One Click LCA plans.

Educational license

The One Click LCA free Educational License is designed for teachers and professors teaching LCA programs who wish to use One Click LCA to set coursework assignments. It is intended to be shared with students.


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Get in touch with our team if you have questions about research licenses.

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To use the license you have to agree with One Click LCA’s General Web Service Terms and the specific Terms for Student Licenses in Appendix 2, which include academic integrity clause and clause for making correct references and statements and how to get support and training. Student version can not be used for commercial purposes, software development or data mining. Student version has limitations in functionality and it does not provide licenses to compatible BIM tools. Student license is valid for 12 months, and it includes a life-cycle assessment tool for buildings. User has limited access to provider customer support. Support is intended for resolving technical problems. You can register to attend a free training in our One Click LCA Academy to learn how to use the software.