Decarbonize architectural designs

With One Click LCA, architects can use life-cycle assessments to easily measure and reduce embodied carbon, achieve certifications, and meet increasing demand for sustainable design.


Simple, easy LCA with streamlined workflows

One Click LCA's life-cycle assessment software integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, ensuring sustainable practices are a natural part of your design process. With 20+ BIM and other integrations, access to 200,000+ construction LCA datapoints, and over 80 compliance standards, adding LCA to your existing workflow is easy with One Click LCA.
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Early design decisions save cost and time

One Click LCA's early design tool, Carbon Designer 3D, delivers rapid, accurate LCA insights with minimal input, enabling you to make design decisions early. The tool integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows and reduces the need for costly material and design changes later in the project.

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Empower your design with advanced visualization

Opting for One Click LCA over traditional LCA methods means choosing cost-effective software that enhances your design capabilities. Additionally, you can benefit from powerful early-phase design tools and extensive visualization options, making One Click LCA a vital asset in your architectural projects.


Learning LCA made easy

As an architect, integrating life-cycle assessments (LCA) into your workflow can be challenging. With a streamlined onboarding and training process, BIM integrations, and early design phase tools like Carbon Designer 3D, One Click LCA makes LCA for architects simple and easy.



Reduce embodied carbon and build a sustainable future with automated LCA

One Click LCA enables architects to automate life-cycle assessments and life-cycle costing for buildings and infrastructure projects. This data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions that minimize environmental impact by reducing embodied carbon and enhancing the overall sustainability of your projects. 

200,000+ up-to-date, verified construction LCA datapoints, used in 170+ countries. 

Easy, intuitive LCA to quantify and reduce carbon across all project phases. 

20+ BIM & BEM integrations and APIs for optioneering or seamless data access. 

80+ global compliance standards, including LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, and more. 

SOC 2 & ISO 27001 certificates, ensuring most-demanding global cybersecurity. 

Global customer support from certified design & construction LCA experts.  

LCA for construction

Design greener buildings and achieve certifications by using the world’s largest construction LCA database for fast and effective automated life-cycle assessments.

LCA for infrastructure

Quantify the environmental impacts of your infrastructure project, be it airports, bridges, canals, transmission systems, roads, flood alleviation schemes, park & ride schemes, or wastewater treatment works.

Case studies

Trusted by enterprises — valued by teams

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“One Click LCA is powerful and easy to use for building LCA. Their continuous improvement is key in facilitating the wide adoption of LCA by the building industry.”

Nikolaos Vlasopoulos

LCA Services Manager

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“Carbon Designer 3D is amazing. We can look into options for reducing carbon very early in the design process, when we don’t even know what the material profile will look like.”

Judhajit (Jude) Chakraborty

Senior Sustainability Consultant

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“One Click LCA is the quick and easy way. We appreciate the support service from their LCA experts to discuss modeling approaches and finalize EPDs efficiently.”

Annika Bantle

Applied Sustainability Expert


Ready to reduce embodied carbon in your designs?

With One Click LCA, architects can meet demands for sustainability quickly and easily.