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Planetary — a free embodied carbon measurement tool

Planetary by One Click LCA empowers individuals to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings worldwide. Now accessible everywhere, this tool streamlines the decarbonization process, making sustainable development achievable for all.

Measure embodied carbon for free

Planetary is a free tool for benchmarking cradle-to-gate embodied carbon. Created in collaboration with our global partners, One Click LCA makes construction decarbonization quick and easy.

Use & get EPDs


Get an overview of cradle-to-gate embodied carbon impacts (A1-A3) and material efficiency of your building designs. You can also export a report of your project’s embodied carbon impacts – including a visualization showing real-world equivalents to make the results even more tangible. Download a sample results report now.

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Compare design options, different materials, manufacturers and products.

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Participate in Carbon Heroes Benchmark program.

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Use & get EPDs

Use extensive library of existing EPDs and request and receive EPDs directly from manufacturers. Manufacturers can use One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD Generator to deliver required EPDs quickly and cost-efficiently.

Planetary - EPDs

Built for architects, designers and constructors


Global and localized database*

One Click LCA Planetary covers ten crucial construction materials and selected essential assemblies. New EPDs are constantly being added, and you can request manufacturers to develop them for inclusion. Manufacturers can use One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD Generator to speed up the process. *Local/regional EPDs are available in countries with a Planetary partner


Create, copy, modify, and compare building designs

With an easy ‘copy’ feature, you can create, optimize, and compare multiple designs with a few clicks, achieving real carbon reductions.


Web-based access, available in 9 languages

Use the software from a PC or a smartphone in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish languages, and more to come.

Supported by our Planetary partners

One Click LCA Planetary is available globally. Countries with Planetary Partners have access to an extended database that includes local/regional EPDs. Planetary Partners are industry leaders who advance embodied carbon reduction in construction projects. You can access anonymized statistical Carbon Heroes Benchmark profiles and our policy templates, training, and support resources as a partner.


UK Green Building Council


Green Building Council Finland


Irish Green Building Council

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Green Building Council Italia

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International living Future Institute

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One Planet Network

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Housing Agency of Catalonia

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Emirates Green Building Coucil


Why launch One Click LCA Planetary?

At One Click LCA, we have promoted low carbon design for over a decade with software, policy development and training. The market has fundamentally changed in this time. We’ve always been about achieving maximum impact for our work. Investment in automation has allowed us to reduce the cost of building LCAs during that time by ten-fold. We’ve also started a program to reduce the cost of delivering EPDs tenfold in the next few years.We believe now it’s time to change the gear. Embodied carbon efficiency must become the standard, and the market is more ready for this. According to our analysis, we need to have significant improvement on 10 000 major projects each month to have an impact at a planetary level.

How is One Click LCA Planetary different from other existing solutions?

The fundamental differences between One Click LCA Planetary and other tools are the following:

It is a planetary solution: available everywhere, in nine languages, with a global database. This makes it suitable for example for global investors or other global organizations.

It provides both materials efficiency and embodied carbon metrics at once, not just carbon.

It provides global generic (average) impact database as well as global EPD database. All data in the software has undergone a rigorous verification and qualification process.

It allows requesting manufacturers to Send Me Data for more EPDs. Manufacturers can use One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD Generator to create the EPDs time- and cost-efficiently.

It provides a library of assemblies for modelling complex structures easily.

In addition, it is built on One Click LCA, the worlds #1 building LCA platform, which allows users who need more capabilities to easily extend the solutions at their disposal.

Why is embodied carbon important?

Population growth in cities requires unprecedented amount of construction and we are building the equivalent of New York City each and every month. Manufacturing the construction materials required for this is highly energy and carbon intensive – in fact, key construction materials, including those covered by One Click LCA Planetary, account for one half of the carbon emissions from new buildings until 2030, and 11 % of the total global carbon emissions.

What regulations are put on embodied carbon?

More and more jurisdictions are enforcing embodied carbon limits on construction. Embodied carbon, like other greenhouse gas emissions, is a case for public interest in addition to private interests. Policy examples for national regulators and standard-setters have been discussed in Embodied Carbon Review, and city policies are coming out soon in the City Policy Framework for Dramatically Reducing Embodied Carbon.

What is the business benefit of embodied carbon reduction?

Buildings with lower embodied carbon emissions are associated with higher materials efficiency and more energy-efficient manufactured products. Considering the material's carbon efficiency as a core design and construction process target helps uncover cost and carbon reductions. Embodied carbon transparency and investors, tenants, and regulators also value reductions. Being able to guide a project from an embodied carbon point of view may make you stand out, gain a client’s trust, and secure future business with them.


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