Living Building Challenge & Zero Carbon

Meet your Embodied Carbon Reduction goals for Living Building Challenge & Zero Carbon Certification

Access the most comprehensive global material database of construction materials

Calculate the embodied carbon of your building anywhere in the world with One Click LCA. 

The software complies with Embodied Carbon Reduction targets for Living Building Challenge (LBC) & Zero Carbon Certification.


Meet your Embodied Carbon Targets In 3 Steps


Import existing design data

Import the buildings’ energy performance, and the Bill of Materials from building models.


Design climate-positive buildings

Account and reduce embodied carbon of your building’s primary materials. Create and compare multiple alternatives, and show reduction against established benchmark values.


Get Embodied Carbon reports for LBC & Zero Carbon

Download analysis of embodied carbon reduction results in graphical and tabular form for effective reporting and submission.

Why choose One Click LCA for LBC & Zero Carbon?

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Easy web-based software

Simple navigation. No download or installation required.


Connect with tools you already use

Import data from Excel, Revit, BIM, IESVE, and many other tools to get a standards-based LCA in minutes.

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Comes with your local database

One Click LCA's database features thousands of EPDs and generic materials, supported by a localization mechanism approved by BRE to guarantee compliant results.

Success stories



One Click LCA delivered the maximal 6+1 credits for BREEAM LCA. The software is really easy to use and does not require special expertise. I am happy to recommend it.

Riina Salomaa

Project Engineer, Optiplan Oy, Finland


Case studies

Our customer success stories

Project: HS2 London Euston Railway Station

Carrying out this analysis allows the project to achieve 2 Innovation credits under the BREEAM New Construction 2014 scheme, providing an additional 1% to the overall score. The project is expected to achieve BREEAM Excellent as a minimum.

World’s Most Sustainable Office Building

One Click LCA was used by for Life-Cycle Assessment for the Bloomberg’s New European Headquarters, which is the world’s highest BREEAM-rated office building: it has achieved a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating, with a 98.5 percent score.

Car Showroom – Lee Terrace

The Lee Terrace project includes residential dwellings and Car Show room that requires BREEAM Excellent Rating. One Click LCA was used for the Car Showroom part of the development to find out the Life Cycle impact of the construction materials and to gain exemplary credits under BREEAM 2014 Mat 01.


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