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BREEAM V7 focused on increasing Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) in developments across England

BREEAM V7 focused on increasing Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) in developments across England

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BREEAM’s next iteration will be tailored to help all developers meet new BNG requirements under British law.

Launching later in 2024, BREEAM V7 incorporates several changes to reflect the new regulation, which requires greater Biodiversity Net Gain in all England-based projects. 


What is Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)?

BNG ensures building projects increase biodiversity – i.e., plants, animals, and natural habitats – rather than decreasing it.

By embedding BNG into law, the UK is responding to growing global awareness of biodiversity’s important role in fighting climate change. 

Natural ecosystems like forests act as carbon sinks, pulling vast quantities of carbon out of the atmosphere. Biodiversity is also essential to processes like pollination and agriculture, and helps mitigate water, land, and air pollution. 

Including green spaces in developments increases their commercial value, making them more appealing to residents and improving the health and well-being of urban communities. They also create jobs in fields, like sustainable landscaping and habitat restoration. 

And now, failure to include BNG in England-based developments also has legal consequences. 

What does the new UK BNG legislation mean for your project? 

The new law requires all new England-based commercial, residential, and industrial projects to achieve a 10% biodiversity net gain. The legislation already applies to all but a few smaller developments, which are also covered from April 2024.

Development projects must now integrate green spaces from planning onwards and use ecologically sensitive construction methods. This affects costs and timelines, so it’s essential to manage stakeholders’ expectations.

What BREEAM version 7 can do for your project

Launching in 2024, BREEAM Version 7 is designed to reach higher percentages of BNG, in line with the new UK legislation.

BREEAM 7 has been optimized to help developers comply with the new UK law, to support the industry-wide move toward both BNG and net-zero carbon.

  • The DEFRA Metric Tool replaces the Land Use and Ecology (LUE) Tool, streamlining assessment and creating reliable and reproducible metrics
  • BREEAM V7 also helps sites with a zero baseline – exempt from the new laws, but subject to essential BNG planning requirements – to meet all legal obligations
  • BREEAM V7 incorporates long-term site monitoring and maintenance, going beyond the legal requirements to prevent a site’s BNG from eroding over time

As the climate crisis intensifies, construction needs to adapt quickly. BREEAM Version 7 will help projects stay one step ahead of legislation and leave every site a better and greener place than when it was found.

How One Click LCA biodiversity software can help developers incorporate BNG

One Click LCA’s biodiversity software tools help developers comply with the BNG regulations, identify issues early on, mitigate costs, and reduce other negative impacts.

The software offers: 

  • Detailed metrics and measurement tools to calculate biodiversity loss and gain, across the supply chain
  • Compliance support, helping teams align projects with BNG legal requirements 

How One Click LCA can help with your decarbonization projects

One Click LCA is an easy-to-use, automated LCA software platform for construction that is verified and accepted for BREEAM, BNG, and 80+ standards and certifications. It supports speed and innovation in design with an open BIM integration API and integrates with nearly all construction material EPDs worldwide. One Click LCA’s product-level tools, enable consultants and manufacturers to calculate and disclose product impacts by calculating product carbon footprints and generating fully EN- and ISO-compliant EPDs.


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