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Integrating LCA into your design process with One Click LCA API

Integrating LCA into your design process with One Click LCA API

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Build your custom LCA solutions with One Click LCA API

The One Click LCA API (Application Programming Interface) is designed for allowing building custom tools when LCA results are needed inside other software packages or in a specific form for your own white-label tools for example.

One Click LCA API allows easy integration and robust calculation, and as a key value driver, access to the vast One Click LCA library, comprising of more than 60 integrated databases. Tools linking to the API can also easily send datasets for continued calculation to One Click LCA for example for delivering certification or regulations compliant detailed reports, using the accurate input data.

One Click LCA API provides among others, the following capabilities:

  • Access to global databases and ability to choose from preferred data sources
  • Fast asynchronous calculation interface to get your carbon / LCA results
  • Access to detailed LCA metadata about the data sources used
  • Ability to extract datasets to One Click LCA to perform LCA according to any of the 40+ supported standards and certifications
  • Ability to access Send me Data feature to send data to another One Click LCA Expert user
  • Access to Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program ranges to provide carbon feedback

Success story: Carbon-conscious precast concrete design with IMPACT from StruSoft

Embodied carbon in construction projects is becoming an essential consideration for projects. Boverket, the Swedish building regulation authority, is conducting preparatory works to deliver a regulatory Klimadeklaration for new building works to be enacted in a law by 2022. This will set, at minimum, a requirement to declare carbon performance of building works. Boverket’s assignment from the government also includes continued development to include limit values for greenhouse gas impacts. Similar regulatory processes are ongoing globally.

Declaring the carbon performance of the project is the starting point. However, as investors and developers set their own targets, it will be no longer enough to document the embodied carbon in construction projects when project is in construction or completed. To improve carbon performance meaningfully, design teams must be able to access actionable carbon performance feedback and study options to improve it early in the design process, as part of the design process.


Carbon-conscious precast concrete design with IMPACT


IMPACT, developed by StruSoft, is a family of advanced BIM precast software used by manufacturers and designers to efficiently manage, detail, produce, transport and erect concrete elements.

Using the innovative One Click LCA API, the Environmental module which is now under development in IMPACT, allows quantifying carbon performance of the design in real time, and considering range of specification and design options that meet project needs.


Users also receive access to the vast One Click LCA database, allowing them to choose from a library of trusted environmental impact data from specific suppliers. The integration also allows extracting the detailed data from IMPACT to One Click LCA for generating a third party verified Environmental Product Declaration according to ISO 14025, EN 15804 and other EPD standards.

If you have any further enquiries about the One Click LCA API, please write to For questions regarding the Environmental module in IMPACT, please write to


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