LCA construction — why it matters and how to use it

LCA construction guide for all roles — from designers to policy-makers. Learn the importance & application of LCA in construction.

LCA construction — why it matters and how to use it
Get up-to-speed on LCA construction to make better decisions, reduce your project impacts, and stay relevant in an increasingly carbon-focused field. 

gl-resources-ebook-life-cycle-assessment-for-buildingsIncorporating LCA into building and infrastructure projects is critical for making informed decisions that achieve real sustainability and cut project carbon and cost.

But, for many architects, designers, and engineers, LCA can seem like an impenetrable topic that should be left to experts only.

This quide aims to demystify LCA to widen its use and reduce the environmental impact of the buildings and infrastructure projects.


What you’ll learn:

  • An overview of construction LCA principles.
  • An understanding of why it is important to take a whole-life approach to calculating environmental impact.
  • How building LCA is calculated.
  • How to incorporate LCA into your existing workflow.
  • The increasing importance of building LCA within the global construction industry

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