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One Click LCA & Building Transparency partnership enables decarbonization across building sector

One Click LCA & Building Transparency partnership enables decarbonization across building sector

One Click LCA, the world’s leading construction LCA and EPD software provider, and Building Transparency, a nonprofit organization that provides open access data and tools to foster a better building future, today announce their strategic partnership focused on providing access to the data needed to drive carbon action and decarbonize built spaces.

Both organizations aim to provide high-value, actionable data for users to support sustainability goals on their projects. By partnering, Building Transparency and One Click LCA are able to improve the flow of environmental data and create a robust ecosystem of tools needed to drive carbon reductions.

“Collaboration is critical to driving real and actionable progress toward climate goals as we work to reverse climate change and the building sector’s impact on global warming. Entering this partnership with One Click LCA is another important step in empowering manufacturers, designers, architecture firms, and more to reduce embodied carbon emissions through improved and easier communication and data flow.”

-Stacy Smedley, Executive Director of Building Transparency


Better data and workflows to drive carbon action

With this new partnership, Building Transparency’s Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) and the One Click LCA platform will be seamlessly integrated to provide access to more and better data. Now, users of each tool will have a larger, robust database of environmental product declarations (EPDs). All EPDs stored in EC3 will be automatically made available in One Click LCA, and all EPDs created and published with One Click LCA will be available for EC3. Documents will remain confidential until published.


In addition, this partnership will help drive adoption of openEPD, an open data format for creating and exchanging digital third-party verified EPDs from Building Transparency. It establishes the incorporation of the openEPD format into One Click LCA’s EPD generation program, a major milestone toward the global standardization of carbon accounting data.

“Partnering with Building Transparency helps us provide the most comprehensive set of environmental data for AEC professionals on a global scale and supporting the openEPD format allows manufacturers to publish their EPD data into the EC3 platform, thus increasing their value. We’re delighted to be accelerating widespread decarbonization with this partnership.”

-Panu Pasanen, CEO & Founder of One Click LCA 

Driving action through education and best practice sharing

Building Transparency and One Click LCA aim to streamline the resources and tools needed to drive climate action across the building sector. They will partner to develop and make educational content and sessions available to those interested in learning more about embodied carbon, EC3, and One Click LCA’s platform, and next steps for accessing data needed to decarbonize built spaces.

The two organizations will co-host a live webinar on Thursday, April 18, to kick off their partnership and knowledge-sharing efforts. The webinar, titled ‘Riding today’s tidal wave of AEC sustainability data,’ will feature Panu Pasunen and Stacy Smedley. The carbon experts will talk about the vast amount of sustainability data available to AEC professionals today, how this information can help take actionable steps toward decarbonization, and the tools available to help.


About Building Transparency

Building Transparency is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides open-access data and tools that support broad and swift action across the building industry in addressing embodied carbon’s role in climate change. Formed in 2020, Building Transparency hosts, manages, and maintains the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) tool, which provides thousands of digitized EPDs in a free, open-source database, and tallyLCA, the nonprofit’s life-cycle assessment tool. Building Transparency strives to provide the resources and education necessary to shape a better building future through promoting the adoption of the EC3 tool and tallyLCA, establishing the official materialsCAN and ownersCAN program, and working with global policymakers.

About One Click LCA

One Click LCA is a Helsinki-based tech company decarbonizing construction and manufacturing with world-leading, easy-to-use, and automated life-cycle assessment (LCA) to calculate and reduce the environmental impacts of building, infrastructure, and renovation projects — as well as construction and other manufactured products. It also enables manufacturers to generate and publish third-party verified EPDs, and allows assessment of circularity, life-cycle cost, and soon also biodiversity. One Click LCA is used in +170 countries. Its decarbonization platform includes a unique global database with +200,000 LCA datasets, and it supports +80 standards and certifications, including LEED, BREEAM, GRESB and other national regulations. One Click LCA was founded in Finland in 2001 and has a team of +180 people on all continents.

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