Symetri embraces decarbonization with One Click LCA partnership

Symetri embraces decarbonization with One Click LCA partnership

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Stockholm, Sweden, January 16th, 2023 – Symetri, one of Europe’s leading solution providers of digital BIM, product design, and lifecycle solutions, today announced a new partnership with One Click LCA, the world’s leading construction LCA, and EPD software provider.

Symetri helps its customers decarbonize construction

Building LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is a science-based methodology for quantifying the lifetime environmental impacts of a building and One Click LCA makes the assessment easy since the science is embedded in the tool. One Click LCA helps to measure and reduce the environmental impacts of buildings, achieve green building certifications, and comply with regulations that are nowadays a mandatory part of planning in many countries.

The environmental targets of the construction industry also extend to the products used to build. Thus, manufacturers have begun to meet the increasing need to produce Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) to quantify and communicate the lifetime environmental impact of a product reliably. One Click LCA’s Product LCA and EPD solution provides manufacturers with an easy solution to produce 3rd party verified EPDs based on European and international Standards.

“Symetri strongly believes in sustainability. This partnership with One Click LCA is an important step and puts us in an even better position going forward to provide our customers with solutions that help them to decarbonise construction and manufacturing industries. In addition to a global reseller agreement, this agreement extends to the Technology Partnership which allows us to use One Click LCA’s database as part of Symetri Technology aiming to help our customers to make carbon-smart material selections both for buildings and building products. We are very excited to bring these offerings to our customers and enable people to work smarter and more sustainably.”

Mikko Viertola, CTO, Symetri Group

“One Click LCA’s mission is to power the makers of a zero-carbon future and addressing the lifecycle impact of buildings and materials is at the heart of what we do. Decarbonising construction requires a whole life carbon approach across the value chain. Through our partnership with Symetri we make our LCA offering available for a larger number of companies and with Symetri’s extensive sales and consultancy team, we ensure the customers’ success to achieve a carbon free future. This partnership is a remarkable step ahead to accelerate the decarbonization of the construction and manufacturing industries.”

Panu Pasanen, CEO, One Click LCA

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About One Click LCA

One Click LCA is the world-leading, easy-to-use, and automated life cycle assessment software that helps you calculate and reduce the environmental impacts of your building, infrastructure, and renovation projects, as well as construction and other products. It also allows manufacturers to generate and publish third-party verified EPDs.

Leading businesses and other organizations use One Click LCA in over 140 countries. The software includes all the construction material EPDs worldwide and complies with over 60 standards and certifications. One Click LCA was founded in Finland in 2001 and has a team of over 110 people on all continents.

About Symetri

Symetri creates and provides technology solutions and services for design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing businesses. We empower people to work smarter for a better future by ensuring they have access to the expertise and technology they need to improve their performance and sustainability.

Symetri was founded in Sweden in 1989 and has grown to a team of over 800 people with offices throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Ireland, and the US. Symetri is an Autodesk Platinum Partner, Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC), and Autodesk Global Service Provider. Symetri is part of Addnode Group AB, whose B shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm. Addnode Group offers business-critical IT solutions to selected markets in both the private and public sectors.

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