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DesignBuilder LCA Integration

DesignBuilder LCA Integration

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Find out how DesignBuilder and One Click LCA partnered for advanced sustainable performance


DesignBuilder and One Click LCA: instant Life Cycle Assessment from DesignBuilder v5.2.

  We are proud to have partnered with DesignBuilder to helps users to better achieve their sustainability goals. Read on to find out what the integration will allow users to do. DesignBuilder combines advanced energy simulation with the fastest modelling technology on the market so that architects, engineers, and energy assessors can reduce a building’s impact on the environment. One Click LCA is the world’s leading Building Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing, used by companies worldwide for Ecodesign, Green Building credits, and informed sustainable decisions. DesignBuilder 5.2. and later versions come with a native integration with One Click LCA and it will allow users to:   
  • Transfer their energy model seamlessly to One Click LCA for additional materials analyses
  • Achieve BREEAM Mat 01 LCA and LCC credits and LEED v4 LCA and materials credits
  • Use One Click LCA’s material database to get a true picture of the carbon & LCA performance

Transfer the energy model to One Click LCA for materials modelling

In the toolbar of DesignBuilder 5.2. and later versions you will find an icon leading you to One Click LCA:
Furthermore, if the required scope of analysis exceeds what is captured in the energy model (say, structural elements, foundation or external areas), those can be conveniently added in One Click LCA directly. This allows you to focus on energy-relevant modelling scope within DesignBuilder.

Achieve BREEAM and LEED materials credits with pre-approved One Click LCA

  One Click LCA is a pre-approved LCA software for all versions of BREEAM. It can be used to achieve Mat 01 Life-Cycle Assessment, Life-Cycle Costing and other materials credits. It is the highest rated LCA software for BREEAM with 100 % verified rating, allowing you to achieve the exemplary credits. One Click LCA also supports BREEAM LCC scope both for elemental and component level analyses, as well as BREEAM UK NC 2018, where Mat 01 LCA fully substitutes Green Guide. One Click LCA can support up to 7 + 3 exemplary credits for Mat 01. In addition, it can support creating seven other BREEAM-compliant analyses, worth up to 14 credits more, for a maximum potential of 24 credits. Moreover, One Click LCA complies fully with LEED v4 requirements for LCA and comes with a separate database for North American and International users. Furthermore, One Click LCA supports dozens of national and international certifications and standards. Read the credits details here for BREEAM UK – BREEAM International – LEED v4 – other systems.

Use One Click LCA’s material database to get a true picture of the carbon & LCA performance

  One Click LCA contains environmental profiles for more than 8000 materials, including a wealth of manufacturer specific and verified Environmental Product Declarations. This allows you to calculate the exact embodied carbon results with the specific products from your suppliers. In addition to this, the level of the detail enables you to model environmental impacts arising from materials of refurbishment projects where changes only may occur for services and interior design. Check out our list of integrated LCA databases hereOne Click LCA also helps you understand how your project is doing in terms of carbon performance with the Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program, which brings together 1000 buildings for embodied carbon benchmarking purposes.




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