Summer Sustainability Summit 2024

Pivotal role of Green Building Councils in environmental policy and practices

Recording now available




Jorge Chapa

Chief Impact Officer @ Green Building Council of Australia


Sam Archer

Director of Market Transformation @ New Zealand Green Building Council


Tushant Suri

Board Member & Secretary @ Emirates Green Building Council


Yvonne Soh

Executive Director @ Singapore Green Building Council


Sattanathan Karthikeyan

Deputy Executive Director, CII @ Indian Green Building Council


Natasha Das

Carbon Expert @ One Click LCA

Who should attend this session?

This session is designed for construction professionals, policymakers, environmental advocates, and anyone interested in sustainable construction.

What key questions will the session cover?

  • What is the role of LOCAL Green Building Councils in Global Climate Initiatives?

  • What are the policy and advocacy strategies of green building councils?

  • What is the impact of green certification on commercial real estate?

  • What are the opportunities and challenges associated with building a green economy? 


About One Click LCA

One Click LCA is the world-leading sustainable construction & manufacturing platform with a mission to power the makers of a zero-carbon future. Its life-cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declaration (EPD) solutions are used in 170+ countries, supporting 80+ global compliance standards, with 20+ BIM and other integrations, and with 200,000+ global LCA datasets.

About SGBC

The Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) is an enabler of sustainability in the built environment. Represented by a distinctive public-private partnership that spans across the real estate value chain, SGBC is the nexus for the advocacy of a green built environment that is healthier and more resource-efficient. SGBC shapes green buildings by working to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and advancing responsible procurement, reinforced by SGBC’s product and services certification schemes that emphasise environmental sustainability. A member of the World Green Building Council, SGBC is Singapore’s national representative to a global network of close to 80 green building councils.

About EGBC

EmiratesGBC is a non-government organisation that promotes and educates on sustainability in the built environment and is the official Green Building Council for the UAE endorsed by the World Green Building Council. EmiratesGBC currently has around 180 members which represents thousands of individuals interested and involved in Green Building in the UAE and the region. In addition, EmiratesGBC members receive discounts on a number of programmes such as those related to education and training and green building events. The Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC) was founded in June 2006, and became a full member of the World Green Building Council in September 2006.

About IGBC

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) was formed in the year 2001. The vision of the council is, “To enable a sustainable built environment for all and facilitate India to be one of the global leaders in the sustainable built environment by 2025”. The council offers a wide array of services which include developing new green building rating programmes, certification services and green building training programmes. The council also organises Green Building Congress, its annual flagship event on green buildings.The council is committee-based, member-driven and consensus-focused. All the stakeholders of construction industry comprising of architects, developers, product manufacturers, corporate, Government, academia and nodal agencies participate in the council activities through local chapters. The council also closely works with several State Governments, Central Government, World Green Building Council, bilateral multi-lateral agencies in promoting green building concepts in the country.


The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) follows their vision for New Zealanders to live, work and play in healthy, efficient and productive buildings in a sustainable built environment. NZGBC works to achieve this vision through promoting the benefits of sustainable buildings by creating a common language and demonstrating the value, assisting the property and construction sector to acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to deliver a sustainable built environment and motivating and rewarding the sustainable development and operation of buildings across New Zealand.

About GBCA

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is your go to resource for information on Green Star rated projects, leading sustainable building practices and educational resources, assisting you to learn more about developments within Australia’s built environment. Green Star projects incorporate a wide range of building types ranging from mid to large tier office buildings, multi-unit residential projects, full communities, shopping centres, universities and much more. The GBCA’s advocacy team has developed strong relationships with federal and state government, allowing us to have a voice in the development of policies and programmes which support our mission. Strategic partnerships include collaborations with national and international industry bodies and associations within the real estate, construction and development industry. Together, GBCA is working towards leading the sustainable transformation of the built environment and accelerating its transformation into one that is healthy, livable, productive, resilient and sustainable.