Summer Sustainability Summit 2024

Driving sustainable manufacturing through circularity with Canam

Recording now available




Travis Dahl

LCA and EPD Consultant, One Click LCA


Marc Dutil


Who should attend this session?

This session is for manufacturers and material specifiers, including owners, operators, engineers, sustainability specialists, commercial teams, and marketers. Learn how you can play a role in increasing innovation and sustainability in the creation of materials for the built environment.

What key questions will the session cover?

  • How can manufacturers ensure future sustainability if they plan to grow by acquisition?

  • Are recycled materials always the most sustainable?

  • Why should manufacturers create environmental product declarations?

  • Why is circularity one of the best paths to achieve sustainable manufacturing?



About Canam

Canam Group specializes in designing and fabricating metal components for the North American construction industry. The Company is active in the sectors of building construction and structural steel construction. Canam Group operates 9 plants in Canada, as well as engineering offices in Canada, Romania, India and Philippines and has over 3,220 employees.

About One Click LCA

One Click LCA is the world-leading sustainable construction & manufacturing platform with a mission to power the makers of a zero-carbon future. Its life-cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental product declaration (EPD) solutions are used in 170+ countries, supporting 80+ global compliance standards, with 20+ BIM and other integrations, and with 200,000+ global LCA datasets.