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One Click LCA named user & concurrent user licenses

One Click LCA is a cloud-based software offering you two types of accesses: named user or concurrent licenses. While named user licenses are suitable for small firms with limited use, concurrent licenses are cost-effective for firms that want to scale the software use.

Choose the user license type that meets your needs

As cloud-based software, One Click LCA offers you two types of accesses — named user or concurrent licenses.


Named user license

Suitable for small firms with limited use. The license is limited to a user with personal log-in account.


Concurrent license

Suitable for larger firms, investors, developers, or associations. The most cost-effective way to scale software use. Up to five users share a single license, but only one of them can occupy one seat at a given time.

Concurrent licenses – scale software use, not cost

All One Click LCA tools have browser-based access. Concurrent licenses are available for all tools and can be shared among a specific country, region, or global. You can get as many concurrent licenses as needed. Concurrent licenses are only occupied when you use One Click LCA.


A single concurrent seat can support multiple users. A concurrent license can be shared across departments, offices, regions, and countries, with specific compliance modules available for each region. Users around the globe can maximize the use of the software 24/7.


All data is natively stored in a cloud platform, allowing for aggregation and analysis. A license manager can add and remove users in real-time. And stop a lower priority user from occupying a license for a higher priority one in urgent situations.


You can set specific access rights for each user. Information is secured. All users must periodically confirm their continued access rights.

More benefits for investors, owners, developers, public entities and associations.

For Investors, Owners, Developers and Public Entities

With concurrent licenses, you can offer your suppliers to use a specific license type on your behalf, which gives you many benefits including: consistent reported data and methodologies. Automatic data aggregation for future analysis and reporting. Control and set access rights to specified projects and suppliers. Simplified and centralised license costs for a global or widespread supply chain. Complete control over all the underlying dataStandardise projects with templates, workflows, classifications or other One Click LCA customisation opportunities.

For Associations

Concurrent licenses are best if you are a manufacturer association that wants to support your members deliver LCAs or EPDs. This has the following benefits: Cost-efficiency: members can share a pool of licenses managed by you. Control and set access rights for each member or to specific projects. If you choose to provide a limited number of licenses or features, your members can get their own licenses at a discount. Consistent reported data and used methodologies. This offers an objective and fair way for your members to compare their sustainability metrics.


Out with the old desktop installed LCA software

Many traditional LCA software require purchasing licenses for physical computers or allow only procuring licenses for specified named users. While these approaches work well for certain situations, they can be extremely costly and cause many problems.


Costs scale directly linearly in proportion to the number of users. New or even occasional users, including trainees, to new tools, incur high fixed costs. High fixed costs for new licenses leads to seeking workarounds, incurring time losses. Users changing jobs or roles may keep occupying valuable licenses.


Working across several jurisdictions may require purchasing separate tools for each country. A very tedious process to collect all results into an aggregated portfolio for analysis. No possibility for license and cost-sharing between departments. No oversight of license use.


Named users on holiday, off sick, travelling or unavailable leads to no progress. Users working from home during the pandemic cannot access their devices at the office, to which the licenses are linked. Transferring devices or user accounts between users takes a significant amount of time. Maintenance or loss of devices leads to immediate loss of production tools and lost work.


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