BIM & LCA — Autodesk Revit & One Click LCA

Comprehensive guide for integrating BIM & LCA with One Click LCA Autodesk Revit integration, covering everything from setup to advanced analysis.


About the guide

  • A comprehensive guide on One Click LCA — Revit integration, including installation and integration options.
  • To improve practical LCA and BIM (Building information modeling) integration, with steps to establish
    internal workflows.
  • Serve as a reference for plugin settings and data inputs.

How the Autodesk Revit tool from One Click LCA streamlines your LCA process

Join us for a one hour webinar to learn how the plug in works, and hear best practices and tips from a One Click LCA user.


Why integrate BIM & LCA?

  • Integration of LCA with BIM enables accurate and comprehensive building
    LCAs quickly using BIM models.
  • BIM models allow simulation of various design scenarios to compare
    environmental impacts, aiding in selecting sustainable designs.
  • Improves team communication and collaboration by providing a unified
    information source, reducing errors, and ensuring sustainable designs.

About Autodesk Revit

  • Go-to BIM software for the AEC industry, Autodesk Revit, streamlines the
    creation, visualization, and documentation of building designs.
  • Supports a broad spectrum of design and documentation tasks, from
    architectural design to MEP and structural engineering, with advanced
    tools for 3D modeling and data management.

One Click LCA integration in Revit

  • Extract relevant data (material names, categories, geometric data, units)
    from Revit models for LCA.
  • Speeds up data input for 'building material' queries in One Click LCA, allowing direct work from Revit for complete LCA studies.
  • Enables quick analysis of material choices for sustainability during the design process in Revit, without disrupting workflow.
  • Integration assesses changes without altering Revit model geometry,
    facilitating seamless integration and sustainability insights.

Autodesk Revit X One Click LCA

Checkout the video showing how to use the Revit and one Click LCA integration for AEC professionals focused on lowering carbon in their designs.

BIM & LCA: start now

Learn how to integrate BIM and LCA for quick and accurate assessment of your building's environmental impacts.

Grey concrete building under the blue sky during the daytime

One Click LCA X Autodesk Revit course

Learn how to use the One Click LCA integration for Autodesk Revit, how to overcome common challenges in BIM/LCA integration and how to use the integration to optimise your design and monitor embodied carbon throughout the design process.


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