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Carbon Experts Outlook 2024

Discover the latest trends & insights in low-carbon construction — embodied carbon, EPDs & more.


About the report

Construction LCA & embodied carbon experts outlook 2024, authored by One Click LCA. The report synthesizes findings from a global survey of construction industry professionals. Focused on LCA practices and embodied carbon challenges, it reflects key sector insights.


What's shaping the future of low-carbon construction?

One Click LCA's global survey of construction professionals reveals current trends in sustainable building practices. For detailed findings, read the report.

Key findings & impact

Key findings snapshot

  • 88% cited low market awareness as a major hurdle for LCA and embodied carbon.
  • 87% cited the lack of manufacturer EPDs as the primary obstacle to LCA & embodied carbon advancement.
  • 48% believe their companies’ resources fall short of demand.

Report impact

The report is intended to play a crucial role in shaping regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions in the construction sector.

It will be shared with policymakers and authorities responsible for formulating these regulations at a higher level. The report also serves businesses to hit ESG commitments, decarbonize projects and products, and bolster sustainability market positioning.


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