Easily create Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) assessments

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Hit your 10% Biodiversity Net Gain goal

Whether your biodiversity impact reporting is regulatory or voluntary, One Click LCA’s Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) tool streamlines the entire process.

We have partnered with UKHab Ltd to use the UK Habitat Classification System to ensure that data and results are aligned to the statutory biodiversity metric.

The tool adopts the Defra biodiversity net gain methodology and uses standardised biodiversity units that represent the relative 'value' of different habitats (a categorisation of a physical area based on characteristics such as climate, and plant species).

By measuring habitats  before and after a development, the final results describe the net change in biodiversity units.

Using multipliers to highlight positive actions and recommendations relating to materials and practices, users are enabled to make better decisions relating to retention of existing habitats and creation of new ones.

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Quickly calculate different scenarios for site selection & early design choices

Keep track of all your data and quickly complete assessments using our single integrated view of all habitat types and actions.

The One Click LCA Biodiversity Net Gain tool streamlines the mitigation hierarchy and trading rules, simplifying your decision making and helping identify the right habitats for your development.

Easy comparison of designs can be completed directly from the results page, enabling fast screening of options early in the design phase.


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