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What is building carbon footprint?

Building carbon footprint is the cumulative greenhouse gasses emitted during a building's life-cycle, encompassing both emissions from energy use (operational carbon) and materials (i.e. embodied carbon, capital carbon). 

Understanding and managing these emissions is crucial for making informed, sustainable decisions in construction projects. This approach is increasingly demanded by clients, regulatory bodies, and green building certification programs. 

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Advanced features 

Integration with existing tools: Seamlessly import design data from popular platforms like Revit, IFC (BIM), Excel, and IESVE.  

Instant carbon footprint analysis: Utilize automated life-cycle assessment (LCA) reports to gain immediate insights into your building's carbon footprint.  

Eco-efficient design solutions: Identify effective, cost-efficient strategies for reducing carbon emissions, paving the way for greener buildings. 


Tailor-made for designers & engineers

This feature is tailor-made for architects, engineers, and sustainability consultants focused on designing sustainable buildings. It's also invaluable for construction companies and material manufacturers aiming to comply with environmental regulations and achieve green building certifications.

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Frequently asked questions

What is life-cycle assessment (LCA)?

LCA is a methodology used to quantify a building's carbon footprint, covering all stages from construction to operation and eventual decommissioning.

How does this software streamline the carbon footprint calculation?

Our software automates the LCA process, allowing for quick and accurate calculations directly from your existing design data.

Can I integrate data from different modeling tools?

Yes, our software supports various formats including Revit, IFC, Excel, and more, ensuring a seamless integration process.

Is this tool suitable for achieving green building certifications?

Absolutely. The detailed analysis provided helps in submitting accurate data for green building certifications like LEED, BREEAM, etc.

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