Net-zero carbon tool

Deliver net zero, carbon neutrality, & carbon offsets

For architects, design teams, consultants, or developers to implement net zero carbon, carbon neutrality, and carbon offsets in projects.



Net-Zero Carbon Tool in action

Regular building LCA tools often fall short for the intricacies of net zero carbon design. This specialized tool for net zero projects enables teams to measure both carbon emissions and reductions to meet local net zero standards.

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Comply with net-zero carbon definitions

Quantify all carbon-emitting and carbon-reducing options to comply with local net zero carbon definitions.


Exported energy

Evaluate carbon-reducing impact of exported energy.


Carbon sequestration

Evaluate carbon sequestration impact of either biogenic carbon storage stored in building or withdrawals in vegetation.


Carbon offsets

Calculate the need for offsetting after other measures have been exhausted.


Net-zero carbon matters in construction

Many organizations and governments have taken initiatives to reduce carbon and reach their net zero goals. Listed below are a few of the various commitments undertaken to reach net zero carbon of the built environment.


World Green Building Council

World GBC’s global program aims to promote and support the acceleration of net zero carbon buildings to 100% by 2050.


UK Green Building Council

Aims to drive net zero transition in the UK and deliver emission reductions. Ambitious are set out in the Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap


UK Net Zero Carbon Building Standard

Cross-industry initiative to develop UK’s first net zero carbon standard. The participating organizations include BBP, BRE, the Carbon Trust, CIBSE, IStructE, LETI, RIBA, RICS, and UKGBC.


The AIA 2030 Commitment, American Institute of Architects

Commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2030.


The 2030 Challenge for Embodied Carbon, Architecture 2030

Commitment to reach zero global warming potential by 2040


Zero Carbon Certification, International Living Building Challenge

The total embodied carbon emissions of the final construction materials and processes associated with the project must be disclosed and accounted for through the procurement of equivalent carbon offsets.


Net Zero Carbon Buildings Accelerator, C40 Cities

Committed to enact regulations and/or planning policy to ensure new buildings operate at net zero carbon by 2030 and all buildings by 2050.


2030 Climate Challenge, RIBA

Provides targets to reach net zero

Frequently asked questions

Net-Zero Carbon Tool

How do I get access to the One Click LCA Net-Zero Carbon Tool?

The Net-Zero Carbon Tool is available now as an add-on to any commercial One Click LCA subscription.

Which projects can I use it for?

Projects pursuing net zero carbon, carbon neutrality, or projects wishing to evaluate the possibility of achieving one of the above.

What is the scope of the assessment?

Whole-life carbon, comprising all life-cycle modules A-D, as well options for accounting biogenic carbon withdrawals in site vegetation and calculating biogenic carbon storage and offsets. Scopes and accounting parameters can be set by the user.

What are the modeling possibilities?

  • All normal building LCA optimization possibilities.
  • Preservation of existing building elements.
  • Reuse of products at end of life.
  • Export energy from the building to offset emissions.
  • Sequestrate biogenic carbon in materials and vegetation.
  • Model carbonization for cementitious materials.
  • Balance results with verified carbon offsets.

What impact categories are reported?

Global Warming Potential:

  • Carbon emissions
  • Biogenic carbon storage
  • Carbon savings from materials reuse
  • Carbon savings from exported energy
  • Verified carbon offsets
  • Net carbon

Is it compatible with other tools?

The Net-Zero Carbon Tool is compatible with all other One Click LCA tools. Note: As it supports a wide range of schemes, the One Click LCA Net-Zero Carbon Tool may provide access to more data and a broader scope than your usual LCA tool.


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