Branded assemblies

Promote your product environmental data

Manufacturers can elevate their brand by showcasing their product sustainability data with One Click LCA's Branded Assemblies.


Influence the market to choose your products

Research shows that 76% of clients prioritize transparency in product impacts, as evidenced by EPDs, while 72% prefer sustainable products. Early product specification influences client choices, as late procurement prioritizes cost over sustainability.



Highlight your product environmental data

With One Click LCA you can connect with customers — merge products into branded, ready-to-use, and easy-to-find sustainable assemblies.

Increased product visibility

Ensure your product stands out. With One Click LCA's extensive database encompassing all global EPDs, your sustainable products become more visible and accessible to potential clients, streamlining their discovery process.

Simplify product comparisons

Clients value the ease of comparing products. One Click LCA's pre-assembled solutions are crafted for the best technical and functional performance, integrating required specifications, quantities, and materials. This approach enables clients to make quick, informed comparisons.

Compare carbon & cost

Enable clients to make comprehensive decisions by comparing the whole-life carbon emissions and costs of products, considering aspects like transportation, maintenance, and lifespan. These evaluations can also include carbon pricing, aligning with client procurement and specification strategies.


Reach the right audience

One Click LCA Branded Assemblies help you reach the audience that matters most, particularly:
  • Architects and designers 
  • Sustainability consultants 
  • Project and procurement managers 
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Branded Assemblies help you market your products

One Click LCA Branded Assemblies offer manufacturers an effective platform to present sustainable products, facilitating time-efficient and environmentally conscious decision-making for professional users.


Leverage One Click LCA’s global database

Users leverage One Click LCA's comprehensive global database to search and compare sustainable products. This database covers a wide range of tools and add-ons for building and infrastructure life-cycle assessments (LCAs) and carbon assessments. This resource ensures widespread accessibility and visibility for sustainable product comparisons.


Integrate with BIM plug-ins and tools

Designers employing BIM plug-ins and tools that connect to One Click LCA can directly use product data within BIM environments to power life-cycle assessments (LCAs). This integration simplifies the process for designers, enhancing the usability of sustainable product data.

Case studies

Learn from One Click LCA's customers

“Branded constructions allow us to leverage the extensive database of One Click LCA to create ready-to-use Dramix® designs to facilitate calculations of designers, consultants, and other stakeholders. Users can search for Dramix® solutions per application and compare them with traditional solutions. This is more than just providing EPDs because in order to demonstrate the carbon savings per project you have to know the quantities of Dramix® you need per cubic meter. This gives a first indication of what levels of CO2 can be achieved.”

Kadir Aktas

Growth Manager, Building Products, Bekaert

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Branded Assemblies from One Click LCA

How do I get access to the One Click LCA Branded Assemblies?

Branded assembly services are available to users with a One Click LCA Building & Infra LCA floating Expert level license, or EPD Expert level license (named user or floating). Contact for a demo or quote.

Which products can be combined into a branded assembly?

Branded assemblies can combine third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for the manufacturer’s products and locally applicable generic LCA data or EPDs from the manufacturer’s partners for other components required for the assembly. All branded assemblies are part of a specific functional group, additionally they are tagged with one to three countries, representing locally valid solution.

Choose this option if: 

  • You want to have transparent, clear, and fixed low prices for the entire delivery process of EPDs.
  • You want to offer your own supply chain an affordable and easy-to-use solution to deliver product EPDs for your projects.
  • You have no or limited experience with the EPD process and want to have experienced LCA professional to review your data.
  • You want to have an experienced LCA professional review your work before it is submitted to the third-party verifier.
  • You want to have a single point of contact and responsibility for compliance of the results and deadlines (only for EPD Hub).
  • You are able to gather, input, and document the product manufacturing data and product information for your products. 

How do specifiers find my assemblies?

All branded assemblies are incorporated into the One Click LCA database, made accessible for One Click LCA BIM plug-ins and most are included in the free software One Click LCA Planetary. They are created in a specific functional group and are tagged with one to three countries, representing locally valid solution.

Are branded assemblies compatible with other tools?

Branded constructions are compatible with practically all One Click LCA’s building and infrastructure LCA tools, including regulatory LCA tools such as Klimatdeklaration, RE2020, and the Finnish government's methodology.


Showcase your product sustainability where it counts

Start today with One Click LCA's Branded Assemblies.