Branchekataloget and One Click LCA collaborate to promote EPDs

Branchekataloget and One Click LCA collaborate to promote EPDs

Image: EPDs from One Click LCA

Branchekataloget and One Click LCA have started a collaboration to facilitate the production of environmental information by Branchekataloget’s member companies. An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an effective way to present the environmental impacts of products and services.

Shattering the affordability barrier 


“The building and construction industry is increasingly demanding EPDs and LCA data in order to build greener. However, the costs of creating and publishing EPDs are completely unmanageable for many companies in the construction industry – especially small and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, the financial barrier is often a major obstacle for many companies to actively participate in the sustainable transition.

Branchekataloget wants all our members, suppliers, and manufacturers to have access and the opportunity to participate and contribute to the sustainable transition without the economy breaking their necks. At the same time, we want the general data basis regarding environmental data to increase in Branchekataloget, for the benefit of the entire building and construction industry.

Therefore, we are pleased to have partnered with OneClick LCA to offer our members a sensible, simple, and affordable approach to producing and publishing high-quality EPDs – at a significantly lower price”, comments Rune Rugbjerg Lundsgaard, Business Development Manager at Branchekataloget.


Rune Rugbjerg Lundsgaard, Project Manager & Business Developer, Branchehuset

 One Click LCA is a Finnish software company specializing in the development and sale of software for life cycle assessments (LCAs) of construction and building products. Our mission is to support the construction of a zero-emission future globally through LCAs, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and other sustainability solutions.

Our partnership with Branchekatalog is shattering the affordability barrier, making fast, reliable EPDs accessible to every manufacturer, big or small. This isn’t just about data; it’s about empowering informed choices and building an industry where sustainable products win on the market”, comments Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA.

Panu Pasanen, CEO & Founder, One Click LCA. Photo credit: One Click LCA

Heading towards low carbon and circular economy

One Click LCA’s and Branchekataloget’s partnership aims to empower Branchekataloget’s members with an accessible and cost-effective solution for generating Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

The collaboration seeks to lower the barriers to creating high-quality EPDs by offering the EPD Generator as a tool that combines affordability with quality assurance. The initiative is designed to enhance environmental transparency and sustainability in the industry, making it easier for members to contribute to a greener economy through the efficient production of EPDs.

Additional details:

About Branchekataloget

Branchekataloget is a joint initiative from the Danish HVAC wholesalers, which aims to streamline and simplify the data flow between the industry’s suppliers, wholesalers and other data users. Their focal point is digital infrastructure, where there is collaboration around the exchange of structured and quality-assured product master data.

They are constantly working to develop and run relevant digital services that benefits their members and the rest of the construction and building industry. Read more about Branchekataloget here.

About One Click LCA

One Click LCA is a Finnish software company aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction and manufacturing industries through its leading, user-friendly, and automated life cycle assessment (LCA) software. The software helps calculate and reduce the environmental impacts of construction, infrastructure, renovation projects, building materials, and other manufactured products. It also enables the production and publication of third-party verified environmental product declarations (EPDs) and offers tools for assessing circular economy and life cycle costs.

Suitable for large-scale EPD publishing

if you produce and publish more than 20+ EPDs a year, the standard solutions might not be economically reasonable. Larger product portfolios need customized, high-efficiency solutions that help reduce cost, complexity, and working time.


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