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Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) 10 Carbon Factors

What's new and how to use it in One Click LCA?

What’s new in Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) 10?

The UK Government has published a new version of Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), in which the  CO2 emissions factors for electricity is reduced by half. The updated SAP 10 carbon emission factor of 233 grams of CO2/kWh replaces the very outdated factor from SAP 2012 of 519 grams of CO2/kWh.
Get the full copy of SAP 10 here

What does it mean in practice?

Although these factors are for dwellings and not yet embedded to Building Regulations, Greater London Authority (GLA) encourages the use of the new carbon factors when preparing energy assessments in place of the outdated SAP 2012 carbon factors, therefore can be considered as best practice.

This is how carbon emissions from electric heating will now reflect the current reality, instead of being many years out of date.
This will also give you mode accurate B6 results when undertaking Life Cycle Assessments for Buildings in UK.

SAP 10 Carbon Factors is available in One Click LCA 

You can use the SAP 10 carbon factors in your Life Cycle Assessments. The factors are available under annual Energy consumption tab where you can use them to report the annual electricity consumption.

Along with SAP 10 compliant energy profiles for UK, 500 new datasets (all material types, Europe and North America) are also added in One Click LCA.



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